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13 Oct 2013
Personal Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    Best Day of my LIFE

    1214 days ago

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    1631 days ago

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    I can't believe I was so close to you guys, I'm fucking amazed! I love you so much muse, you are my inspiration for every day, I always listen to this incredible band integrated for this three best friends. I always watch the concert on you tube and it was fucking amazing!!! a pwoper concert!! I loved when we sang "ole ole ole ole ole ole ola, I'm fan of muse, it's a sentiment, that Ican't stop!!" after Time is Running out. Matt you were breatheless and I love when you sang "yeah you will be the mother fucking death of me" you were fucking incredible! love you, Dom I think you are the best drummer in the world, very tallented and I love you, Chris you were excelent! I love how you move your head to keep the pace of the song, I love you. I'm so sad because probably you'll never read this, if you read it let me know please!! Twitter: @beludandreiz . Please come back soon, I'll be very happy and waiting for you <3

    1689 days ago

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    I've been waiting for you since 2011! You made my dreams come true in october. That was insane. It's a little embarrassing to say this, but I cried even with Unsustainable.
    I love you guys! Thanks for that night :D

    1740 days ago

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    front row ahhhhhhh, i still can't breathe, YOU'RE SO FUCKING PERFECT!!! <3, COME BACK #SOON!!

    1804 days ago

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    I still can't believe that I was there, that I could be so close to you. You guys are totally amazing! I felt like a crazy fan screaming all the time during the show, but you creat this with your incredible music! I'd wish you came more often to Argentina! There are no words to describe the beautiful moment you let us live, except "thanks"! (Please, excuse me if I don't write so well haha)

    1804 days ago

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    Hey guys, i´m a fan from argentina, and wanted to say that you did an amazing show last nigth in GEBA, Buenos aires! Absolutely amazing, and it was my first time i saw you Liive. And I will never forget it, you made me very happy!! Hope to see you soon again in my country next year! I´ll always be Proud to be a Muser! Thankssss for making such an amazin music! Love is Forever :'D

    1805 days ago

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    What a show! You guys rock, it was absolutely insane. The crowd was great too. One of the best nights of my life. Thank you so much <3

    1805 days ago

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    Your show here was amazing guys, you rocked!!! Thanks a lot for coming and I hope we'll see you again :)
    Keep up with that energy and talent. You guys are amazing!!! <3

    1805 days ago

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    <3<3<3<3<3<3 ill be there... Cant Wait!!!!!

    1806 days ago

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    We are all going to sing for absolution!!!
    Dios!! hoy a la mañana caí en que los iba a ver, despues de perdermelos 2 oportunidades, hoy se dio, hoy los veo, hoy mi sueño se cumple y va a ser eterno!!!!!!! :D

    1806 days ago

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    ya estoy a solo unas pocas horas del concierto ,mas que emocion es indescriptible!!! I love for Muse

    1806 days ago

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    24 horas! soy feliz♥, estoy muy nerviosa!

    1807 days ago

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    I can´t wait!!!!! I just one day but I can't wait!!!!! Tomorrow I'll be there!!!!

    1807 days ago

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    I'm so excited to finally see them!! :D I cannot wait! :D

    1807 days ago