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17 Sep 2013
Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado

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  1. Report

    I started a new group on facebook today for all Muser Artists:

    Please join and share your creative geniuses inspired by our favorite band! :) Will love to see your works!

    1829 days ago

  2. Report

    My dream is to one day meet Muse (Matt). Hearing his voice calms and sooths me. I agree...they brighten the most dark and ordinary days. Never be a band like them. I was screaming so much in Denver (first concert) that I could hardly talk the next day. I was so hoarse!! Can't wait for the movie...already have friends and family lined up to be there when it opens!! I love these guys!!

    1830 days ago

  3. Report

    To Everyone Again: was just thinking meeting Muse has really been the portal to meeting all of you great people. I really owe those 3 great guys a lot! :)

    1832 days ago

  4. Report

    To Oceandreamer: you are so right about Muse lighting up our lives! Let's hope their concert movie now comes to our local theaters and we can keep that brightness shining! :) I will be screaming and singing as if I'm really at the concert again. AND we have the live stream on Friday of Austin City Limits Festival! Maybe someday we will all meet at a Muse venue! :) Many blessing to you too! :)

    1832 days ago

  5. Report beatlestitch and afelling:
    I'm quite of your opinion - being a "Muser" is a extraordinary feeling. I'm happy to be one. And sometimes it lights up some dark hours.
    ...all of you be blessed

    1834 days ago

  6. Report

    P.S. The autographed poster measures 11" x 17".

    1835 days ago

  7. Report

    I added a pic of the autographed poster I received at the Meet & Greet. As I stated in an earlier post, they were pre-signed and handed to us as we walked out the door after the hand shaking. All 10 of us were instructed to leave cell phones, cameras, purses or bags outside the door and they were guarded by a stagehand. We all respected that and Jason the Security Guard assured us they are indeed signed by the guys before the show (we joked and asked Jason if they were actually his autographs!). Apparently some mean spirited fan at another Meet & Greet went all "Bad Girls Club" on another fan and made a big stink in the hallway when she overheard the fan inside asking for an autograph on something personal she brought. What a way to ruin the experience for everyone else! So as I may have said earlier, when you get your chance to meet the guys, please respect everyone in that room on their staff and follow all of their instructions. They will waste no time throwing you out the door if you act like a jackass. There is so little time and they are doing us a favor fitting us into their schedule so don't squander these once in a lifetime precious moments! :)

    1835 days ago

  8. Report

    I added my group photo above. The tour manager took 10 pics in all. If you'd like to view more you can visit/join my facebook page:

    1836 days ago

  9. Report

    To afelling below: I truly appreciate your kind sentiments and am so glad that my moment has been met with a positive response from other fans! Being a "Muser" is one of the best things to happen for so many of us! I know it is a coveted/enviable experience for so many and I am glad my story touched some of you in a special way. Since I've pretty much exhausted all the details of my moments with M/D&C, my tale is now completed, and my brief shining moment will remain one of my life's highpoints! :) I hope that each and every one of you will meet them in the future and I will be back here reading your phenomenal stories! Hugs and Muse Love to All! Laura :) (beatlestitch)

    1836 days ago

  10. Report

    To beatlestitch: Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us all. I love how Musers share similar sentiments when it comes to the band and how it is to meet them in person. And that other fans are happy for you and everyone is so positive is another reason that makes this band so special- they bring out the best in us ;) Thank you again. It was a pleasure to read, and gave us a glimpse into your special moment :) xo

    1841 days ago

  11. Report

    To Oceandreamer: I am very touched by your kind words! And so glad I was able to share as best as I could for all fans what the experience was like! I truly hope each and every one of you gets your chance to meet Muse someday! Now that it has been over two weeks, I feel like some of the details are already getting fuzzy but glad I documented here so I can refer back even for myself! I asked myself, "if I had the chance, would I meet them again?" Honestly, my answer is no. The opportunities are so limited and Muse fans are in abundance so it's only fair that every one of you has the same experience I did! :) Cheers to you all! :)

    1841 days ago

  12. Report

    to beatlestitch: embraced a lot and a lot of thanks to you. With all your photos (also on facebook) and your messages you share your extraordinary experiences with all of us. make us feel like beeing there too... best wishes to you

    1842 days ago

  13. Report

    My first concert for Muse, I can tell you this after 10 years of waiting.. it was worth it, such a great concert. they are the best their performance is even better than in their CD.Hopefully is not gonna be last one :)

    1846 days ago

  14. Report

    To all: You may see my backstage tour photos here:
    I have given up trying to use the uploader on this site and having one picture displayed a zillion times! Sorry for my duplicates already. I also have descriptions by each photo with as much information as I can remember from the journey. :)

    1852 days ago

  15. Report

    A few observations about the performance: Dom had some very rousting drum solos that seemed longer and stronger than ever; I like that Chris comes out on the arrow part of the stage and gets closer to the crowd; Matt got down on his stomach and reached out to the crowd, lucky for the fans on the barrier! I saw the show in Houston this past March and the intro was quite different with the recording of the man's voice rather than the woman's voice from the "Unsustainable" track; the videos on the projection screen were completely different too. The pyramid did not move up and down as much as the last show but all the projections throughout the show were changed up. Side note: when we were touring below the stage the crew can actually see out from behind the screens. They are made of a mesh like material. The tour guide said the stage takes about 2 hours to erect and that is done out in the GA area, is on wheels then is slid into place where the audience sees it. Also some pieces from the 2010 stage were recycled for this stage such as the piano lift and the flooring. When the show is over, it takes approximately 2 more hours to disassemble the stage. This is done by a crew that is hired by the venue, local contractors. I think he said it takes 18 semis to haul it all to the next city. More later as have to return to work (+ pictures!)

    1853 days ago