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02 Jul 2016
Montreux, Switzerland :: Montreux Jazz Festival

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      1. Report

        this was the best concert since im coming to your concerts.. my first one was in summer 2002 <3 <3 <3
        is there a way to buy the muse montreux ballroom shirt? i totally forgot it at the concert and now im really sad that i dont have a memory.

        774 days ago

      2. Report

        Why 7 exceptional songs in a single concert and none in France a few days ago?

        774 days ago

      3. Report

        Wow, what a great show in Montreux ! I'm really envious of those who have seen and heard this event ! Please make a DVD ... and please same setlist in Sziget Festival (Hungary) !

        775 days ago

      4. Report

        Intro to Supermassive Black Hole ... Supermassive show it was !

        775 days ago

      5. Report

        Seen Muse 13 times ... and I can tell friends, this was the very best show I have ever been lucky enough to attend. Everything from the venue, the setlist, the audience and the delirious carnivalesque encore was pure pleasure. Those who were not there should check on Youtube to better understand what I mean. Thank you so much Muse for this incredible and so enjoyable show, See you again soon in Paleo ...

        775 days ago

      6. Report

        I am looking for a ticket ! thanks !

        879 days ago