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16 Mar 2007
Fukuoka Zepp, Fukuoka, Japan

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    Muse show
    Venue Zepp
    Date 16th March 2007
    Location Fukuoka
    Country Japan
    Songs 16
    Support Unknown
    Start 19:00, 18:00 UTC+9 (doors)
    1. Knights of Cydonia
    2. Hysteria
    3. Supermassive Black Hole
    4. Map of the Problematique
    5. Sing for Absolution
    6. City of Delusion
    7. Sunburn (piano)
    8. Feeling Good
    9. Soldier's Poem
    10. Invincible
    11. Plug In Baby
    12. Time Is Running Out
    13. New Born
    14. Starlight
    15. Stockholm Syndrome + Riffs
    16. Take a Bow

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      1. Report

        Dom came out with the outfit of the "shocker(evil character of old time TV program called "Kamen Rider")" soldiers and played with a shocker mask throughout the gig, which was funny. The show was great and I'm looking forward to seeing the band playing much bigger venue next time.

        4169 days ago