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12 Nov 2009
Children in Need Concert, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

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    Muse show
    Venue Royal Albert Hall (Children in Need)
    Date 12th November 2009
    Location London
    Country United Kingdom
    Songs 3
    Support Unknown
    Start (UTC)Unknown
    1. Helsinki Jam
    2. Undisclosed Desires
    3. United States of Eurasia

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      1. Report

        No, they didn't play Helsinki, was a bit of a mad scramble to get out after they did USoE and UD. Was absolutely brilliant seeing them play with a stage of live musicians, would love to see them do a full concert with an orchestra! Let's see what Glastonbury brings - wish I was going!

        2960 days ago

      2. Report

        Grrrr - BBC only showed Eurasia. Would love to have heard UD. Did they play Helsinki as is in the setlist above, the comments below don't seem to confirm it?

        3162 days ago

      3. Report

        The concert is on telly tonight 8pm (I think) BBC. I hope they show both Muse songs. USOE and Undisclosed Desires with Orchestra!

        3163 days ago

      4. Report

        Great that the boys did it, really glad to see them, missed out on the O2 concerts because I was out of the country when presale happened on both occasions, had missed out when they played Wembley last time aswell. I've got my unique code ready for 0900 tomorrow!

        Jason Hansell
        3164 days ago

      5. Report

        They played Two songs, One was United states of Eurasia and I can't remember the other lol

        3168 days ago

      6. Report

        Only two songs at the start of the gig and a quick (understandable) disappearing act but utterly worth it!! The other acts were nothing in comparison and they knew it!! :D

        3168 days ago

      7. Report

        Thought USOE and Undisclosed with the orchestra was amazing. Not sure the mainly 50+ crowd of Take That fans made of the band though.. lol...

        3169 days ago

      8. Report

        GUTTED GUTTED GUTTED had swine flu and was in bed had to miss gig at Liverpool echo arena last night gave tickets to a mate, had tickets from day ONE swine flu, YES PIg Sick !!!!!

        3175 days ago

      9. Report

        Epic run across London for this. Why are they both starting at the same time?! Why?!

        3187 days ago

      10. Report

        I've got tickets too...... looking forward to it.. I know we're only getting the odd track, but seeing them next day at O2. :)

        3189 days ago

      11. Report

        Eventually got tickets, but not the great ones I should have had first thing this morning. See tickets really are awful!

        3190 days ago

      12. Report

        AAAAHHHH... Waiting for see tickets to call me back on this. Got my special link. booked tickets this morning at 9am and then a SEE TICKETS usual... sorry there has been an error! Link now won't work and says I have tickets even though See Tickets say I haven't.

        3190 days ago