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04 Oct 2013
Austin City Limits, Austin, Texas

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      I would recommend going if you can because the band honestly felt bad about the power issue affecting their performance- I think they will probably play a little extra to make up for it! And I bet ACL has resolved the power issue! I am trying to figure out how to get out of work again but at least I saw them last Friday if I don't make it. I took some pics on my phone that I will try to download.

      1833 days ago

    2. Report

      Actually I was wondering about where that picture came from- It was actually not the same setup (not enough room) but there were high definition screens behind and to the sides. They had lasers, colored lights (even between the lasers), and synchronized smoke, etc. It was flashy but different. I was much closer than in the Toyota Center and it was a more intimate performance! I arrived at 7:45 pm to Zilker Park (After fleeing work at 4pm, picking up my stubhub ticket at the Austin Hyatt, and catching a bicycle rickshaw). I ended up about half way between the middle media hub and the stage to the right of the stage. When some people left after the second power outage, I moved up about 10 more feet. I was actually pretty close but it was tight but overall a fabulous experience! Lots of energy in the crowd- and of course on stage!!!! the power went out during both of their epic songs though- Supremacy and Survival- too much power needed!

      1833 days ago

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      What a bummer about the power issue but glad they played on despite it all! Looks like it was the full stage with the pyramid. What time did you have to get there to get a good spot to stand? I'm assuming it was all standing room only. Contemplating coming out from Houston for this week's show.

      1833 days ago

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      It was an awesome performance with great fan participation! But heaven help the poor schmuck that didn't put enough oil in the generator to blow the electricity twice! I'm sure his job is toast! My favorite performances this time were Uprising, Madness, Follow me, and Plug in Baby! Dominic said to come back next week...

      1835 days ago

    5. Report

      From "Shortly after taking the stage and beginning Supremacy, the sound cut off. The set was delayed for 30 minutes as a result. The speakers blew again during Survival, but sound was restored shortly after and the band returned for Knights of Cydonia." Set list:
      Supermassive Black Hole
      The Star-Spangled Banner + Hysteria
      Panic Station
      Plug In Baby
      Stockholm Syndrome + Freedom outro
      Follow Me
      Liquid State
      Time Is Running Out
      Unnatural Selection
      Isolated System
      Survival (incomplete)
      Encore 2
      Man with a Harmonica + Knights of Cydonia

      1836 days ago

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      Was it a full set list or truncated show? Did Depeche Mode play too? Large crowd? Any unexpected surprises?

      1836 days ago

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      Ya'll are really playing Friday night 10/4, right?

      1837 days ago

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      I really wish ACL would allow us to buy a one day pass like they have in the past!!??!!

      1838 days ago

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      10 years since the release of Absolution (well, first release in the UK, anyway). Can we hope for something similar to the OOS set at Leeds? Please?

      1845 days ago

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      1854 days ago

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      I'm in !!

      1860 days ago

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      When will we be able to see you in Turkey again?

      1866 days ago

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      I am hereby beginning a campaign that Muse add "The Final Countdown" by the band Europe to their set list. Let's all show our support for this excellent cause & hopefully Muse can make the world complete by performing this masterpiece live for their fans! THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! PLEASE!!!

      1876 days ago

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      Please come to Dallas! I went to your show in Tulsa and it was fantastic! Really hope to see you guys again.

      1881 days ago

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      I can't wait!!!

      1916 days ago