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Uprising Live from the GRAMMYs // Now on iTunes

  18 February 2011


Following Muse's performance at the GRAMMYs last Sunday, the recording of Uprising from the show is now available to buy on iTunes worldwide.

Click on the link below to buy online now.

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  1. Report

    We are very excited to see you on tour once again guys. I went to the 22nd Oct 2013 concert a memorable one, however my son was 2 years old and I didn´t take him with me. On August 6th he´ll turn 4, we´ll give him presents as always but by Nov 17th 2015 I think it will be time for him to have a chance to see you in that gig. His favorite songs so far are Panic Sation, Supremacy, Madness. I´ll upload a video where he shows how fan he is and I dare say my son Julian might kick Mr. Bellamy's ass in the near future due to his invisible guitar skills, jajajaja just kidding. Just to finish these lines, my joke lacks sense of humour because Matt is already teaching his son how to be a great guitarist, jejejeje. THANK YOU Matt, Dominic and Chris. God bless you for giving us such amazing music.

    1253 days ago

  2. Report

    Hello from Mexico City, I went to the 22nd Oct concert and it was just amazing. Thank you for having the trumpet player wearing the mariachi suit, it will be unforgettable for all the audience that witnessed it

    1759 days ago

  3. Report

    It's awesome that they played Uprising but that was one of the few songs (if any other) that people in the U.S. (that aren't Muse-aholics) know of. I think it would have been ten times awesome-er if they played one of their less well-known songs.

    2734 days ago

  4. Report

    let muse play at grammys was like throw pearls before swines *lol* I can only hear one girl screaming. maybe that was kate in loyality :P

    MK Soultra
    2740 days ago

  5. Report

    muse is the best band

    2751 days ago

  6. Report

    Album simply super and sounding too, they is deserved took this figurine

    Sofiya Vilhovaya
    2758 days ago

  7. Report

    My applause, your album was worth a piece of metal, though he's a great ...

    Gaby MFYS
    2763 days ago

  8. Report

    Come to Cyprus for a live! pls

    2764 days ago

  9. Report

    Congratulations indeed! But as far as I see you cannot get the performance of Uprising on iTunes..? Just Arcade Fire..?

    Peter Sandblad
    2765 days ago

  10. Report

    Sorry, I meant THEIR thoughts and greetings FROM México City, jajaja

    2765 days ago

  11. Report

    Congratulations gentlemen, keep on working, l know some people who have heard your songs and changed thier thoughts for good as well as l have. Greetings form México City

    2765 days ago

  12. Report


    2766 days ago

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    2766 days ago

  14. Report

    And now they have the NME Award "Best British Band" and Matt "Hottest male"

    2766 days ago

  15. Report

    MUSE !!!!

    2766 days ago

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