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The Shows Must Go On

  06 December 2012


We're pleased to confirm that the remainder of Muse's European tour dates for 2012 will go ahead as scheduled. The tour will recommence on Monday 10th December in Helsinki and continue through until Wednesday 19th in Strasbourg.

Thanks for all the well wishes that we've received from fans. And apologies again to those of you who had tickets for the cancelled shows in Oslo, Stockholm and Malmo. We have announced two new dates for Norway next summer which go on sale next week and we hope to be able to announce additional gigs for Scandinavia in the near future.

Check out the TOUR DATES section for more information on the new shows.



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    Come on guys, get your asses to Sweden!

    2081 days ago

  2. Report


    2082 days ago

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    Please, please, please reschedule Sweden, I can't afford going to Norway :( I would love you forever (still do) But you kinda owe us

    2091 days ago

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    Thanks a lot assfaces, for giving us swedes the option of going to Norway to see this band. I am soooo thankful because living in Norway IS SOOOOOO FREAKING CHEAP!

    Getting a hotel room for even a night in Norway + food and transport would ruin me. I won't stop listening to this band because I really can't be without their music but I sure as hell won't buy tickets for any of their shows unless they are in Sweden. I am not even sure I'd book tickets if there were scheduled shows for Sweden (GOOD THING THERE AREN'T!!!!!!!!!!) because last two effing times I did that I ended up so disappointed and mad, it's not even worth it anymore.

    2091 days ago

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    Aftonbladet is a shit news paper that only write about unimportant things and knows nothing about music.
    So if Muse really cares more about what that paper says than what we fans think, I'm worried...

    2095 days ago

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    Thanks for all the information, now will people PLEASE stop calling Matt's broken foot an excuse and a lie?! Although I hate to hear that they're listening to bad reviews (As a musician I know that bad reviews are inevitable and not fun, but hey, not everybody's gunna fall in love with ya, might as well get on with it and enjoy the people who do like you :-) ) I am glad to hear that it's not an excuse to not go to Swedan. I truly believe that if it wasn't for this they would've have played, let's hope they have the guts to do it in the future. Not all of us can afford the time to go abroad to see them!

    2100 days ago

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    I've bought a ticket to their show in Finland this summer, can't stand missing them again. Even though they don't seem to care that much about Sweden. Would be much nicer to see them here.. Matt and dom have almost promised us to come and play for us as soon as possible but I don't know what happened with that

    2102 days ago

  8. Report

    It's all about the fans, nothing else and I thought they knew that. They will hear bad things about themselves , their music and sometimes live shows, that's just how it is . Eveyone can't love what they're doing but there are much more love than hate. Love from us and that's what's important.

    2102 days ago

  9. Report

    Hejsan722 Mr.Meall didnt write anything about if they Will reschedule the cancelled Sweden gigs. I wrote back to him and stated that they shouldnt pay any attention to what the media says or writes. They should only listen to what the fans say. I'm a musician myself and the albums I've released or the gigs I've made havent gotten top remarks or great reviews from media but the people who saw us or bought the albums loved it. So I think its a childish behavior and I'm afraid that Sweden, at least on this tour, won't get to se Muse:(. But I'm hoping that im wrong offcourse.

    2102 days ago

  10. Report

    If Muse pay any attention to what Aftonbladet say then they are retarded for real.

    2102 days ago

  11. Report

    It´s just crazy to care about Aftonbladet. I wonder if they skip going to some other countries as well just because a newspaper is writing a "bad" article about the band. If someone should be disapppointed it´s us Swedish fans. I mean, me and many others really want the news of new tour dates in Sweden. How can we get their attention at all??
    By the money for the tickets are finally on the way. I got an e-mail from Ticnet yesterday. Well I had much rather been to a concert with Muse than getting my money back that´s for sure.

    @ vinniesharpe
    Thanks for all the information.

    2102 days ago

  12. Report

    Crazy to care about aftonbladet , they don't even know anything about music. Thank you for your information. I don't know how we could get their attention but we aren't giving up. Didn't he write something about future, if they're thinking of coming to Sweden?

    2102 days ago

  13. Report

    Well Muse agent Geoff Meall wrote back to me. In conclusion he said that they have x-rays and documents to prove the broken bones. He also expressed a bit of disappointment over aftonbladets review/article about Muse couple of years ago and cuz' of that I could understand that the reason why they haven't been here for so long, well media offcourse. To me its outrageous that a band listens to the media and not the fans. For Christ sake Toto and Sting always gets bad reviews or bad press in Sweden but they still comesback. I have this confirmed in the e-mail Geoff sent me so I'm not bullshitting you. And if you think about it, it all makes sence, right. What else could be the reason for them to cancell and don't reschedule?. So I urge all Swedish fans to keep on campaigning about getting Muse to Sweden. Hopefully this will get Muse's attention and hopefully they understand that we only want one of the best bands in the world to come and play for us.

    2102 days ago

  14. Report

    oui oui the shows must go on
    je suis au concert de nice ok..................

    2104 days ago

  15. Report

    What did he say? :)

    2104 days ago

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