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Supports Confirmed for Norway

  12 July 2013


Pleased to announce that Datarock will be joining Muse for two dates in Norway. They will be opening the show in Bergen on the 19th July and Oslo on the 24th. 

To check them out visit 



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      What a great concert you played in Bergen. I felt like I was the world's luckiest person when I got the ticket for Christmas. July 19, 2013 is, and will ever be the greatest night of my life.

      1571 days ago

    2. Report

      Did anyone take any pictures or videos from the song undisclosed desires? kinda desperate, haha. If you (or maybe your friends) did, please email me at: :)

      1819 days ago

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      The consert in Oslo was so great. One of the best conserts I've ever been to.Hope to see You again soon.

      1819 days ago

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      Thanks for playing "Unintended" just for me and my Love in Oslo 24th july. That's what we came for. To make a long story short - we traveled very, very far on a troublesome road for this fantastic concert.

      1821 days ago

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      Muse concert in Oslo was awesome! :D Thanks guys for your performance. And I'm seeing forward to welcome You back in Norway! Vi sees!

      1821 days ago

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      I've been to 1 festival and 3 concerts on average every year for 10 years. Datarock's performance here is the worst I have ever seen.
      I have a few of their tracks because they are cool. I will, however, never EVER see them live again. Not even at a festival (not the highest amount of alcohol and pushy friends could get me to suffer through it again).

      Maybe that's why I think Muse's performance this night is maybe the best concert I have ever been to? (Seen them 4 times live before)

      1822 days ago

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      Fa Fa Fa FaFaFaFa Faaantastisk *kremt* Godt vi fikk mulighet til å lære litt Datarock-tekster i Bergen...

      1823 days ago

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      Awesome :D

      1828 days ago

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      MiniMuser97, I'm full of your opinion....MUSE enriches our lives and our world...Thanks for everything MUSE; have always energy for your work and be blessed

      1829 days ago

    10. Report

      Hey guys, since I guess I have the chance to get your attention, I just want to tell you this. I can't even begin to describe how motivating and powerful your music is. You can actually change something in this world through good music, which is impressive..! Please do keep up with the great work you've always done, I think I speak for all of us when I say this: I really hope you know how much we adore you and get inspired by you. Great job, Muse. :)

      1829 days ago

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