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    Dear MUSE! We have too much emotions 19 of june to describe it in adequate manner... THANK YOU for visiting us, and, please, come to Russia more frequent, cause this love at a distance became intolerable. From heart of Russia with love. :-*

    1121 days ago

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    Muse! It was really amazing yesterday! Thank you! We love you!) always welcome you and waiting for you

    1126 days ago


    1189 days ago

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    Don't believe to politicians - this is main thing that Matt wants to tell you. Music must unite people. While you disputing with each other, innocent people dying because of lie you heard on TV

    1216 days ago

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    After all, I hate that fact that current political situation in the world often influences on music and many bands refuse to visit some countries because of different shitty political issues. I hope gigs in Russia will be gorgeous as always and Ukrainian fans eventually will get the chance to see Muse in Kiev asap. :)

    1220 days ago

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    @victoria-secret, yep, we wild and cruel Russians will eat the band!

    You know, deepening the isolation is not an option at all

    1226 days ago

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    menirina, whatever you mix music and politics or not, still war means cruelty.The band shouldn't give concerts in Russia. The latest events in Ukraine are the proof of it.

    1270 days ago

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    @pberit Sorry, I didn't want to hurt your feelings. I'v thought you're the one of spiteful "trolls". There are many of them in social networks now. I only wanted to say that Matthew Bellamy has his own opinion about the truth authors of wars, because he believe in Theory of World Conspiracy. If you are the "muser" you must know it. And if you are not a "troll", but intelligent man/woman, you must not mix up music with politics. Let the MUSE decide where they must go with performances. Perhaps they will go to Kiev.

    1272 days ago

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    @menirina I think Matthew will understand perfectly the essence of even boorish, your post is proof of this.
    @Alcyona Of course that is not because of me, but because of the situation in Ukraine. We love Muse, concerts in Kiev were incredible, waiting for a new appointment, be sure twe go to Warsaw!

    1276 days ago

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    @pberit wow, of course, MUSE must immediately cancel all gigs in Russia just because you said that :) Don't forget to turn off your TV in the next time - there's no truth in what they say.

    1289 days ago

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    What you get from your news isn't what it really happens in the world. How can a thinking person so blindly believe in what he's told?

    polina chernina
    1290 days ago

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    @muchachus you can try to contact their manager Glen Rowe or video director Tom Kirk through twitter. It will be better if you write not one time

    polina chernina
    1290 days ago

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    Бля, и здесь эти укропы! Not Russia but Ukraine government with the aid of USA is waging war against the people of East Ukraine. And Russia is helping them to survive! Do you think Matthew is so stupid and don't understand it?

    1291 days ago

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    Russia is waging war against Ukraine, please Muse do not go there!

    1293 days ago

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    Thank you so much! I'm coming to Moscow from Belarus to see your performance. I'm sure, It'll be great show!
    But if you come to Belarus one day, I'll be so happy!

    1306 days ago

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