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    Check out! Suomalainen muse-fanisivu.

    1190 days ago

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    note to self: when tired, no posts in places where you cannot delete what you wrote.

    1326 days ago

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    @victandry: Yes, weally. I can imagine that even Matt himself prefers a smaller crowd, if he has the choice. Playing in front of 40 000 people is probably better than playing in front of 400 or less, but from the listener's point of view things are different. The sound quality is much better in smaller venues, and in my humble opinion a stage production is a nice bonus, as long as the sound quality is good. If the sound is blown off in the wind and I cannot see or hear a thing, because I am in row 146, I feel like those guys on the mountain in "The Life of Brian" and am tempted to walk away. Well, of course, I won't walk away, once I am there, but still... Front row on Youtube gives you the same result. I guess, you have to go to a festival for the festival's sake, for all the other bands, for the general feeling, for the opportunity to check out new bands you haven't known of before (probably the reason why Muse are playing so many festivals next year), the bizarre experience of sharing a toilet and a shower with thousands of others that is best handled with an unhealthy dose of booze... Yeah, could be fun, if... For me, the IF is just too big. Somehow, I do not go to Muse concerts for the big rock-concert-atmosphere and all that. Other bands can give me that. With Muse, it is more that I cannot just walk over to Matt and ask him if he is well and happy, but listening to the music answers any questions. It's the most honest place in the world, and if the sound quality is not good, I might miss something important. Sometimes, I even wonder if the people around him listen to his music, at all. Hmm, but Apocalyptica play in Seinäjoki, too, and I never got round to seeing them play live. Hmm. Finland is such a great nation of good music. :-)

    1327 days ago

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    *July 2013

    1328 days ago

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    Really? I was in Finland in July 2014 - that concert was a blast! I came from Saint Petersburg to Helsinki and then (as well as now) I didn't realise why Muse are ignoring Russia. That's so sad...

    1328 days ago

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    Most likely "not to be". I do not envy you your success at all, but I prefer smaller crowds... You seem to revive the old days by playing any festival you can get next summer. How about playing a few really small gigs in between, too? One would be enough, as long as I can be there. :-)

    1328 days ago

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    Mielenkiintoinen... I'll be in Finland at that time, but to be or not to be in Seinäjoki... Täytyy miettiä asiaa.

    1329 days ago

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    Yes please!! awesome show in 2013 i think this is going to be more awesome :)

    1330 days ago

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    Perform in the USA please!!!! I can't make enough money to go to other countries!!! I hope you'll plan to perform here on your tour!

    1330 days ago

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    Main Square Festival - France please !!!....

    1331 days ago

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    Sweden at last!

    1331 days ago

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    Amazing news, so happy right now! Welcome back guys, Finland loves you!!!

    1331 days ago

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    OHYEAAA! Just ordered my ticket! WOOP!

    1331 days ago

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    oh my god finally finland :D

    1331 days ago

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    Come back to France!
    Les Vieilles Charrues!!!

    1331 days ago

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