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Spring Sale

  05 April 2011


It's sale time in the shop! Head over there now to browse through the t-shirts, hoodies and accessories including 2010 designs. T-shirts start at £6 and hoodies at £15 so there are loads of bargains to be had.

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    1. Report

      Please,Please and Please again.... i have a dream to muse invited in Georgia... we are waiting for muse and please come in Georgia and i am ready to buy tickets now :)))))

      Achiko Gogitidze
      2645 days ago

    2. Report

      Please Muse store/Muse admin, I want a MUSE ring and and a MUSE jewel for the navel (sorry, I don't know the word in English) to go with my MUSE bracelet, my MUSE belt, my MUSE waistband, because I love MUSE sooo much...

      2653 days ago

    3. Report

      Please someone explain me the sizes! How chest can be 52cm in XL?!

      2657 days ago

    4. Report

      @wylie_crush_xxx : exact same thing happened to me! :C

      2657 days ago

    5. Report

      Ohhh No more Ladies Hoddies?...:(

      2658 days ago

    6. Report

      Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ^_^

      2659 days ago

    7. Report

      I returned my tshirts that were too small for an exchange, I finally heard back today and they don't do exchanges!!! They give you a refund and if you want something else, you have to RE ORDER it through the website & pay postage all over again!!! S

      2660 days ago

    8. Report

      I bought some ladies tshirts a few weeks back and they're SSSSSOOOOOOO small!!! So if you have boobs ladies forget it!!!

      2661 days ago

    9. Report

      i would buy stuff on here.......but im from amarica and use the U.S. DOLLAR...................sooooooo......................................

      2662 days ago

    10. Report

      Just bougt a few things (5 t-shirts, 2 keyrings, 1 sweatshirt, 1 tour programme and 1 bag)... :) (nearly) everything one could need! cheers

      2662 days ago

    11. Report

      Sales on people! haha, hurry up, since you're one of those cwazy musicians that consider general sales a waste of money, here's a pwoper purpose where to spend some time and money... heehee cheers mu crew, have fun selling..

      2663 days ago

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