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Something Human: Fan Covers

  08 August 2018


Listen to the “Something Human” fan covers playlist, featuring versions by Evie W, GnUs Cello, Nightwalk, KrideDrummer, Jewelia, Wave Potter, Oscar Lennerhag, Matthew Tayvis & more now!


Watch the official music video here:



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    1. Report

      Finding this powerful spell doctor that brought back my husband pulled everything all together. My mind was made to understand that if someone cannot accept nor love me for what I have to offer, then it is nothing I have done wrong rather them lose.
      I was pushed to the wall by some individuals who does not want to see me and my husband together. Luckily, I have Dr. Wakina and his powerful spell in my corner working nonstop for me and others (via: that passed through hell in their relationships. I can assure that he spoke about everything concerning my relationship so eloquently of which I have been battling for years. I finally love myself and my beautiful family. I am at peace with everything and everyone.
      No better way to express my gratitude to Dr. Wakina. I hope my message hit near and dear to the hearts of people going through difficult time in their relationships.

      12 hours ago

    2. Report

      Most uplifting thing I've seen in ages on youtube. Couldn't stop smiling. Go watch this...Muse fans are epic !

      41 days ago

    3. Report

      Thank you muse for adding my cover, this would have to be one of the coolest things ever to happen in my music career. Thanks a million. :)

      67 days ago

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