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Saturday Night Live Appearance

  25 November 2009


We're pleased to announce that Muse will be appearing on Saturday Night Live! The band will be performing on the pre-Christmas show recorded live from New York's Rockefeller Centre on Saturday 19th December. 

For more information check out the Saturday Night Live website on the link below.



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    Cant watch the episode either, but i actually watched when they appeared, MUSE rocked it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2958 days ago

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    Can't watch from California either.. There seems to be a problem with the NBC/ SNL's website. Everytime I move forward with the episode( # 1564, Season # 35, James Franco Host Dec, 19 2009) it moves doesn't play anyway. Oh well. MUSE rocks. Jennifer

    J Kittie
    3029 days ago

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    de la France non plus !!!

    3119 days ago

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    I'd love to see the video but it seems to bem impossible here in Portugal...

    3119 days ago

  5. Report

    Can't watch it from Spain...

    3119 days ago

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    From Potugal we can't see the video....ooooooohhhhhhhhhh,Toya

    3120 days ago

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    Check it on youtube:

    3121 days ago

  8. Report

    Can't watch it from Montreal either,;I 'm like a mere 100Km from NY state. :(

    3121 days ago

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    cant watch it in northern ireland!! :( :( :(

    3126 days ago

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    Is there any other site that has the video? I live in southamerica, and i can't watch videos in nor Hulu.

    3129 days ago

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    I can't see the saturday night live performance from Italy. Please help me!!!!!! I love you Matt!

    3132 days ago

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    Great performance! I loved Matthews awesome jacket!!!

    3133 days ago

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    Great to see the video as Muse was awesome! Did anyone else see only 1/4 of the second video. Bummer for viewing, but could hear loud and clear!

    3133 days ago

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    Why would they play Starlight? They didn't play their new single Undisclosed Desires? Were they told to play something poppy for the American audiences or something? Just don't understand why they would go back to the previous album.

    3133 days ago

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    Wow! SNL was really awful! THAT's why I haven't watched it for a long time. MUSE was the best part of the show, of course. Is it just me or do they seem uncomfortable on TV in the US? We love you guys and there are tons of us US fans! Chill.

    3135 days ago

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