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Pre-Order The 2nd Law Now To Receive On Release Date

  26 September 2012


Today's the last day for all European fans (including UK) to pre-order The 2nd Law formats via in order to receive them on week of release.

This applies to all the physical formats including the Deluxe Box Set. 


Plus take a look at this video below showing the contents of the amazing Deluxe Box Set.


You will still be able to pre-order these formats up to album release and receive the two exclusive downloadable videos, but after today we can't guarantee arrival on release week.


Once the album is out on the 2nd October you'll still be able to buy these formats from,  but you won't qualify for the free videos!


To get your order in now CLICK HERE






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  1. Report

    I ordered the 2nd Law CD a couple of weeks before their concert in Madrid, this is, in October!! not even preordered: supposedly a normal purchase. Still no news from the CD. No info in this site about who to contact. Reading too many similar cases everywhere, even in the youtube comments! what is going on????

    2133 days ago

  2. Report

    This isn't good enough, still no boxset. It's now been out a week. No dispatch email, no nothing apart from the blanket there some who have "experienced a delay in receiving theirs" "in certain areas", yes South East England is a tough place to drive about.

    This rubbish about it coming from Germany, that should have been planned in, and the free P+P?? It's £50 in HMV, so we're paying more for this.

    My local HMV has the Deluxe Boxset (undamaged, as some have mentioned) and before someone who pre-ordered... Again for a tenner less. Also on eBay for £50.

    All I can say is thank you for illegal D/L that the business hates so much, well it's how I got mine on release date.

    2203 days ago

  3. Report

    You received a damaged package and so it it the responsibility of the seller (warner) to replace or refund.
    If you want to learn where you stand in this, i recommend you visit the following URL
    Read the section on "Rights when buying goods", "Know who's responsible" and "What proof do you need?"
    Hope it goes OK for you.
    P45 for a lot of the folks in Muse's distribution circle....

    derek j spence
    2207 days ago

  4. Report

    Ordered the Delux boxset on the 10th of august, hasn't yet arrived. Contacted Warner music about this, no reply. Downloaded the FLAC HD album, doesnt play on any of my software or when burned to DVD/CD. Getting upset to know the public have access to the album before my pre-order arrives...

    derek j spence
    2207 days ago

  5. Report

    you know life just gets better and better,i say with a sarcastic tone,have you ever tried contacting customer support,?whats wrong with a bloody phone number,bloody website,s you fill the discription page in and there,s nowhere to send it too,am i going to be stuck with to buggered albums,why oh why can,t sombody see i,m grieving here,whats worse is there now saying that,they car,nt get anymore vinyls until the 15th of october,its all just pure greed,greed,greed,and sod you mate! i feel like selling my muse ticket i,m so sick of the whole dam thing (ONLY JOKING) but these albums are really pissing me off-michael shaw

    michael shaw
    2207 days ago

  6. Report

    looks like my last comment was even to much for your webpage to handle,just what the hell is going on,your right when you say some of the items are being dispatched from germany,thats the case with my albums am i really expected to ship them back,because there both totally naff,at god only knows what extra cost,it would be nice if someone in customer services would contact me,as i,ve contacted them now over six times,these items were paid for through pay-pal in august so i,m less than impressed with the service,the telephone number just rings and rings,so don,t tell me not to panic,whats more i,m still yet to rcieve my box set also paid for in august-come on or warner customer support help me please-regards michael shaw.

    michael shaw
    2207 days ago

  7. Report

    For those in the UK... don't panic ... seems a lot of Muse merchandise is shipped here from Germany... I found this out after waiting an age for the Muse umbrella. My deluxe box set arrived today, Oct 3rd, after a dispatch date of Sep 26th. You could say it should be arranged for it to arrive a bit quicker I suppose, but it was free postage etc... great when you get it though!

    2208 days ago

  8. Report

    didn't get my cd/dvd either :( I hope it's there when i get back home tonight. HUGE disapointment yesterday.But hey, don't blame it on the guys ;) blame it on the post office!! Great thigns are worth waiting for I guess :)

    2208 days ago

  9. Report

    i am mate believe me i, in the same bot and its sinking fast,also ordered two copies of the album,which hooray arrived today only the corners are bashed in,so now i want replacements its really just not good enough is it? i mean i,ve coughed up over £100 quid,and i can,t even get an e-mail it makes you want to puke,it really does i,ve e-mailed warner but can i get a reply!!!!,well all the things muse things muse sing about (ie) profit and greed,they need two look at there management because there creaming it in,and us well we can,t even get our box sets promised on realease day or a record that has,ent got the corners bashed in,its not good enough guys,could someone please tell me how i go about getting replacements without it costing me more money-please-michael shaw.

    michael shaw
    2208 days ago

  10. Report

    I too ordered the deluxe box set in August. So far I have not even received an email saying that there are delays, or the album has been despatched...NOTHING. The album came out yesterday! I hope somebody is reading these massages because this is TERRIBLE service.

    2209 days ago

  11. Report

    Same here - ordered in August but nothing recieved. Despatched date 26th. What's going on??????

    2209 days ago

  12. Report

    J'ai toujours pas mon coffret... Quelle horreur d'attendre alors que j'aimerais tellement l'avoir.. !

    2210 days ago

  13. Report

    I ordered the album almost two months ago and I still didn't receive it. I didn't even got an email saying it has been dispatched. I may not have the album, but disappointment is there. :(

    2210 days ago

  14. Report

    well, I must say I'm disappointed - preordered ages ago and have had no emails saying it has been dispatched.
    except an email saying the vinyl will be delayed (nothing about the cd!)
    I do remember when resistance came out though - it arrived two days before the release!
    next time I'll go to the local record shop in my lunch hour :(

    2210 days ago

  15. Report

    26/09/2012 04:34:38 the deluxe boxset was shipped out, and today is 01/10/12 and has not arrived yet! *is sad*

    2210 days ago

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