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      1 day ago

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      Guys, I really want to see you, I've never been to a concert of yours and the tickets are over. Could you help me? Please!

      282 days ago

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      here come the drones... a not here come mexican fans!!!!

      304 days ago

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      Y'all be better playing some Showbiz

      304 days ago

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      Pleaseee we need the exact performance date. PLEASE.

      305 days ago

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      A presale would be fantastic

      305 days ago

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      pls come to Mérida Yucatán :(

      306 days ago

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      Awesome!! It will be almost five years since your last show in Monterrey. Please play Feeling Good!! :)

      See you there!!

      306 days ago

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      Que día van a ir we?

      306 days ago

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      So happy to see this notice. Wish there could be some meet and greet or something for the fans on the event. Hope you guys doing well.

      Oscar O.
      306 days ago

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      Mexico City!!!!!!! PLease!!!!!! Anyway, I will see you guys in Monterrey lml

      306 days ago

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      Mexico City please, guys ❤️

      306 days ago

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      We need you in Guadalajara!

      306 days ago

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      Oh Yeaaaaaahhhhh 😆😎

      306 days ago

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      We'll see you there! Here's hoping for Thought Contagion

      306 days ago

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