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NME Awards 2015

  19 December 2014


Muse fans! You have been nominated for the NME Awards 2015 for Best Fan Community.

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    Hi Matt, Chris & Dom.
    I can't wait to see you at the A.C.C. I have been recovering from a serious accident, which has resulted in an epic rehab process. Your music is always a source of inspiration for me. Thank you & see you Saturday.

    919 days ago

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    Real fans for real talent ♡

    1205 days ago

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    Y'all better make your way to vegas this year;) please?! Lol i have been saving up babysitting money so when its announced i can get good seats! Id get floor seats but im too short also have kids at home so cant beat the hundreds of teenagers who wait 8 hours proir to the concert! Hah. VeRy excited for the new album forsure ♡

    1247 days ago

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    Because we Musers are ALWAYS the best fans!!

    1248 days ago

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    1270 days ago

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    Un superbe article, bien construit... en attendant patiemment "Drones".

    1270 days ago

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    please add indonesia, on your country list for tour of the next album this year. i'm so excited ^^

    1273 days ago

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    there was only one part were i could vote for u guys

    1274 days ago

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    Paroles travaillées musique juste étonnante voix sidérale Bref le son Muse

    1278 days ago

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    I have been a fan here in the USA since I heard them on a college radio station. What keeps me their fan to this day is their perception of reality they put forth in their music. I have seen them twice in Los Angeles, CA USA. The fan base is, by far, the best their is. Things are more inextricably linked than most are comfortable with

    1279 days ago

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    And we gonna win!!!!!! :D

    1284 days ago

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    Yay ~ so can't wait to see you in Munich!!!!

    1284 days ago

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    yeah lml

    1287 days ago

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    Go go!

    1289 days ago

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    Happy New Year Matt, Dom and Chris and to all Musers out there! Looking forward very much to your new album. Thanks for the past years and here's to the future.

    Kathy Partridge
    1292 days ago

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