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New Video From Live At Rome Olympic Stadium To Be Discovered

  21 November 2013


Muse - Live At Rome Olympic Stadium is released in ten days time but if you can't wait that long we have a preview track for you! All you have to do is tweet #MuseLiveAtRome to release a new full length video taken from the film. After 4000 tweets - because the film was recorded in amazing 4K - the video will be revealed at

So get tweeting!

And if you haven't yet seen it you can check out Madness, Live At Rome Olympic Stadium HERE.



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    Sounds okay, neither less, nor more. I'd keep the CD/DVD in my collection, if someone gave it to me, but I would not spend own money on it. If I feel in a "Let's listen to a Muse-Live album"-mood, I'll choose HAARP or Hullabaloo over this one. Oh, damn it! During a gig, the visuals almost fool you over the fact that the music loses its magic, but if you have audio only, it gives you the full blow. Apply the 2nd Law of Thernody... to humans, and you know the reason. :-( It sounds as if I'll wish Matt the same for Christmas as last year. The same as EVERY fucking year. Nothing, but Muse... He can see to the rest himself.

    1694 days ago

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    È stato bellissimo rivivere le emozioni che ho provato quella sera! Non vedo l'ora che tornino in Italia ^^

    1695 days ago

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    So easily it got 4k tweets :)
    I've just saw a video with Matt and Dom where they had said that we can expect new album in 2015 :)
    Cheers from Poland :)

    1696 days ago

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    Have to agree I'm afraid, Unintended and Blackout at Haarp were beautiful, during this tour they just lacked that edge and intimacy the guitar gives them. Especially replacing KoC with Starlight at the end of the set almost feels like ending the gig underwhelming :-/

    1696 days ago

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    starlight sin la guitarra de Matt no es nada

    1696 days ago

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    Yeah I agree with Lyja and Robinho, Starlight, Follow Me and Unintended have really lost all of their power since Matt stopped playing guitar on them. I can just about handle Undisclosed Desires without guitar/keytar but the others just seem powerless now.

    Seeing Matt lying down during the solo of Blackout is just plain wrong and I when I went to see them in May at the Emirates I was looking forward to Matt getting out his acoustic guitar for Unintended, but it just didn't happen :'(

    1696 days ago

  7. Report

    Lyja, I agree. It is a really weak ending. Would've been a lot better if Matt just played guitar (which also applies to Follow me, Unintended, Blackout, etc.).
    Best endings would indeed be something like Plug in Baby, but Knights of Cydonia, Survival, Stockholm Syndrome/New Born would be even better!

    1697 days ago

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    I think I'm gonna regret saying this, but to my opinion Starlight was a bit of a weak ending. Maybe they should have swapped with Plug In Baby? Would have given me a better "after buzz". The show was awesome nonetheless!

    1697 days ago

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    Can't wait! I must be brave.

    1697 days ago

  10. Report

    omg omg omg omg I'm crying I love it

    1698 days ago

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    Jjkshfjashfdauerhudifhgehre Muero de la emoción! Ya quiero verla :3 No fui al concierto el 7 de Oct. Así que talvez el 27 podre convivir con Musers <3 Y disfrutar su maravillosa y épica música :') Los amo!

    1698 days ago

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    :´) hermoso el video!!
    me emociono como cuando los fui a ver :3

    1698 days ago

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    Oh man I saw both videos they're both amazing! Afraid I can't see the movie, but my christmas wish is to get the dvd. That was an awesome rendition of starlight.

    1698 days ago

  14. Report

    Matt looks really happy songong Starlight, but I would've prefered the Unsustainable or Map Of The Problemathique video. But I know they won`t realease them.

    1698 days ago

  15. Report

    Vi rivoglio subito in Italia!

    1698 days ago

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