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New Brazil Tour Dates

  11 May 2015


Muse are performing in Brazil in October!

22 October | Rio de Janiero | HSBC Arena | Get Tickets
24 October | São Paulo | Allianz Arena | Get Tickets

Presale begins Wednesday, 27 Mat at 10am BRT. For the presale code, log in to the Members section. Please note that in order to receive a presale code, you must have registered before 6 May 2015.

General on sale starts Monday, 1 June at 12:01am BRT online and 10am at the box office and local outlets.

View all tour dates here.

Photo credit: Hans-Peter van Velthoven



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  1. Report

    Thanks Muse for coming to Brazil. We hope you back soon. Pls next year. hahaha

    1059 days ago

  2. Report

    The Brazilian Fans call for a formal declaration from the band regarding the abusive prices of the gigs in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. #WerNotAnimals

    Please, see below text written by the brazilian MUSE fanpage, explaining the situation.
    "This Tuesday, Muse fans in Brazil were surprised by the exorbitant prices announced by T4F for the upcoming gigs in October, only a day before the pre-sale date. They want to make money out of our love for a band that denounces the evils of capitalism... Our monthly minimum wage in Brazil is exactly R$ 788,00. A premium ticket at the floor level in Rio de Janeiro is priced at R$ 700,00. Plus what the most loyal fans might pay for the absurd invention called "early entry", a meager R$ 300,00 extra to get to the barrier first. Are there cheaper seats? Yes. Far away from the stage. In short, if you want to get near the band, you'll have to spend an amount of money which is not in keeping with the country's average income, not by a long shot, coming close to the monthly income of many Brazilians. Thus, premium tickets will not be for the biggest fans, but for the richest.
    Are we buying tickets to see the same band that wrote "Animals", exposing capitalism's limitless greed, which will trample on anyone and anything for more profit? It's become hard to accept the contradiction. Muse must have their eyes opened for the abusive prices being imposed on their Brazilian fans.
    In face of all this, our team at the MuseBR fan club informs that we will put off our decision to go to the gigs in Brazil, to show our indignation at these prices, which are far removed from our reality. Not even tickets to bands like U2, Arctic Monkeys, Pearl Jam or Queen have cost as much. We want more than anyone else for our favorite band to come to Brazil and enjoy mainstream fame here. We work towards that goal for free, and we were prepared to be partners in the promotion of the events, helping attract the largest public possible to the gigs in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Unfortunately, what T4F accomplished with their "business strategy" was to disencourage even the most faithful fans. We make a point of being respected as customers, and not being ripped off and made fools of because we follow our favorite band. Let everyone who hears the reason in our arguments hold out and wait for a statement from T4F regarding their prohibitive prices before you buy your tickets.

    Kind Regards,

    1213 days ago

  3. Report

    Dear MUSE, I am a big fan of the band, so I'm here to complain about the day in São Paulo. I don't know if this is a misscomunication or if you are aware about that, but the day of the show is in the date of the National Exam HighSchool, (the most important test to the students with almost 9,5million students participating). So please can you change the date at least to sunday, because that way you can have fans of any kind of ages in the show. Apreciate the attention.

    1214 days ago

  4. Report

    Dear Muse, please take a look on what the lovely members of your Brazilian fansite wrote regarding the prices for your upcoming gigs in our country. There's an English version available and it covers pretty well the reasons for our indignation. It isn't so much about the prices themselves as it is about an abusive thing called "early entry" their selling as additional service. It goes against everything I believe your music to be about.

    Lorena Rabelo
    1214 days ago

  5. Report

    1214 days ago

  6. Report

    Ticket prices for Brazil ......RAPE ME, RAPE ME MY FRIEND, RAPE ME, RAPE ME AGAIN

    1214 days ago

  7. Report

    please help fans in brazil

    1214 days ago

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    I’m not so sure if you really don't aware about the ticket price in Brazil guys, you have been in this business for so long and you´re not stupid, so as a fan I hope you do something to fix that.

    1214 days ago

  9. Report


    1214 days ago

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    Please HELP US!! Tickets For Fun is out of control!! We can`t pay for that tickets! They`re too expensive!!

    1214 days ago

  11. Report

    Are you aware that such things as "early entries" are being sold for your gigs here in Brazil ? I really hope not, cause if you are, I won't have to think too hard to conclude you consider fans that can afford it the ones who deserve the most to be closer to you... is it fair that the fans who can pay R$300,00 (plus the premium ticket: R$650,00 - aprox. £133) can enter the stadium an hour earlier, whilst the others who cannot afford this "early entry" (or deny to do so as fans who listen to and understand Muse) spend hours, nights even, standing in the line ? I will not complain about the high prices, but paying for earlier access is not something I can be passive about, so could you please check that out ? I'll be waiting for an anwer at the least... thank you.

    1214 days ago

  12. Report

    700R$ for a ticket. you're out of control

    1214 days ago

  13. Report

    Gog. Tickets in Rio are costing more than a minimum wage. We will not buy nothing until TicketsForFun change this prices! They are out of control. So sad.

    1214 days ago

  14. Report

    Meu!! O Brasil está em crise!! Não precisam bancar os capitalistas sedentos por dinheiro e cobrar o olho da cara de ingresso!!! Tô de cara com o Muse!!

    1215 days ago

  15. Report

    Please note I reported my previous coment by mistake!

    Milena Pimenta
    1215 days ago

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