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Muse and MTV Exit

  20 September 2010


Muse are very proud to be involved with MTV Exit, MTV's campaign to raise awareness of human trafficking. MTV and Muse collaberated on the third part of the 'Some Things Cost More Than You Realise' Trilogy, using MK Ultra as the soundtrack to this new video.

You may have seen the premiere of this video on the Saturday night at Wembley Stadium, but for those of you that haven't yet seen it, you can check it out below...

Check out MTV Exit on Facebook here.



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    its great when a good global mega band gives back...nice 2 kno some bands like MUSE still care about society and its problems..

    2812 days ago

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    I can'r express enough how much I'M STOKED that a band with such influence, drive and intellectual drive is backing ANTI HUMAN TRAFICKING. It's pure evil what happens in this world, a total disgrace. I totally back you guys 100000%.. Proud to be an a

    Jules Preston
    2830 days ago

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    .. what has man, what can man do for these tragedies? ..... our hands seem tied. I pray for God's kingdom to come and clean this earth as he's promised. Psalms 37 (( ))

    2841 days ago

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    hahahahahaha !!

    2849 days ago

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    wow MUSE realmente ese video nos hace hacer conciiencia esta muy padre todo ahora los admiro mas :D

    2849 days ago

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    If you haven't seen them already, go to and watch all the videos. Thank you Muse for getting involved. Human trafficking will not stop if people just ignore it. Something to think about next time you buy that

    2851 days ago

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    Se i politici smettessero di pensare alle cazzate e si dedicassero a cose serie il mondo sarebbe sicuramente un posto migliore, ma almeno noi non limitiamoci a guardare da un altra parte. Grandi MUSE

    2851 days ago

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    agrees with what was said below

    2852 days ago

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    Nesecitamos mentes abiertas no se puede vivir con tanta crueldad tenemos que ser felices para tener un mundo feliz en el futuro SEAMOS UNIDOS VIVA LA PAZ MUNDIAL LOVE IS FOREVER

    2854 days ago

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    ohohohohoh my god , this is hong kong , the place where i live in, but sadly, this's the place where human trafficking happens

    2854 days ago

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    Je suis fière que MUSE s'associe avec EXIT MTV contre la traite des humains. C'est un sujet grave, ou la personne perd toute sa dignite et se rabaisse pour finalement VIVRE. Je les admire pour parler de sujets aussi sérieux et bouleversant. Nous somm

    2855 days ago

  12. Report


    2856 days ago

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    It's remarkable how human trafficking begins by saying goodbye to your family. Almost as if that might be considered the true loss of innocence.

    2857 days ago

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    Sucks that this still exists... I mean this is the 21st Century!

    2857 days ago

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    No one can change how life is being run. The authority from above is a tough muck to penetrate through. Awesome video, it just makes me sick a lot of bit.

    2857 days ago

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