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  18 May 2015


Muse will premiere “Mercy” on BBC Radio 1 tonight (18 May) at 7pm BST! The lyric video will be released at 7:25pm BST.

The previously released two songs “Dead Inside" and “Psycho” began the story of Drones, which is released on 8 June.  On 13 June, the band headline at Download, the UK's biggest rock festival, their debut performance at the event.

From Matt: “The opening line of ‘Mercy’ - Help me I’ve fallen on the inside - is a reference to the protagonist knowing and recognizing that they have lost something, they have lost themselves. This is where they realize they’re being overcome by the dark forces that were introduced in ‘Psycho.’”

Pre-order Drones to receive instant downloads of “Mercy,” “Dead Inside” and “Psycho.”

"Mercy" [Official Lyric Video]
Directed by Colin Fong
Cinematographer Daniel Andrew Shelton
Art Direction by Brooke Fong
Produced by Banoffee Sky



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    I have to admit that this song didn´t really crush on me at first...but at the second hearing it got me...Congrats guys

    Iliana Howard Bellamy
    1132 days ago

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    MUSE will be guests on the Jo Whiley Show on BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday June 2. The show will be on from 8.00 - 10.00 pm BST.

    1145 days ago

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    Come to Chile!!!!Come to Chile!!!!Come to Chile!!!!Come to Chile!!!!Come to Chile!!!!Come to Chile!!!!Come to Chile!!!!

    1146 days ago

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    Les paroles et la voie de Matt son magnifique, le rythme est super entrainant, je la connais déjà par cœur et je l'adore !!!!!
    It's a f***ing music and i love it !!!!

    1149 days ago

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    This is awesome, Im waiting ansiously the album!!!!, the bad thing is that here in Nicaragua, the music stores don't sell your albums :(

    1152 days ago

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    Can't wait for the new album! I just love all the songs! I'm completely addicted to "Dead Inside"! It's f***ing amazing :D

    1155 days ago

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    The three songs of Drones so far are each so different, I !love them all, especially Psycho. Have seen Muse 7 times and so knew the riff. Couldn't get tickets for Psycho tour. Waiting to see if they will do an arena/stadium tour. Been following Muse since about 2003, Can't wait to add Drones to my collection.

    1155 days ago

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    Muse doesn't release the best songs first. This album is going to be freaking amazing! Play Big Freeze!

    1156 days ago

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    It's the "yeah" that really got me on this one

    1156 days ago

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    Another great track. I hope the rest of the album is as good as the three released songs so far. And as for the suggestion that Muse have regressed............ Get real.

    1156 days ago

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    I really love this song, but I can see how some people have complaints because just the chords of this song are very different from the ones they typically use.

    1156 days ago

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    unfortunately i think the opposite. i feel that have regressed and not evolved, "dumbed down" even, i agree they are all very talented, but that talent seems wasted lately...:(

    1156 days ago

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    Couldn't find a "Like" button for the comments of explorerknight ;)
    Just wanted to say that you are spot on. I love their earlier work and I also love this. The band evolve, I evolve. Coming of age thing I guess.

    When people ask me what is so special about Muse I have only one answer: They are extremely talented musicians.

    1156 days ago

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    1156 days ago

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    Just thought I'd add this to the comment pile. Just because Mercy is more "radio friendly" it doesn't make it somehow lesser than the other songs. Its different, and that's a good thing.

    Its not as dark as Dead Inside and Psycho, and has a more upbeat sound to it even though the lyrics are slightly depressing.

    Also, everywhere I go where there are musers they are always complaining and whining about their perceived "good old days of muse." Can't you just get over the fact that they wouldn't want to repeat origin and absolution? And even if they did, you'd probably turn around and say they were being unoriginal anyway.

    Just wanted to let that out.

    1157 days ago

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