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London. Tonight.

  11 September 2015


London. Tonight.



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    this was insane thank you for being one of the few bands these days to play in such a venue! And thank you for giving me no sleep friday night before my flight to see you in berlin!

    1063 days ago

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    VIcky 123 - I got to the venue just after 5 and was really lucky to get one of the last few remaining tickets. It was an incredible night, one that I shall always be so grateful for - MUSE are AMAZING!!!

    1065 days ago

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    @giadabox may 14&15 in milan but in a slightly bigger venue.. :)

    1066 days ago

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    That was a Pwoper rock gig! thank you!

    1066 days ago

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    Oooooooohhh com'on!!! I want you here in Milan! Right here!!!

    1067 days ago

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    So wish i could have been there 😞

    1067 days ago

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    Why I live in France ? WHY ?

    1067 days ago

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    Ludie.. How did tou get a ticket so late?

    1067 days ago

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    1067 days ago

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    Any surprise gig in Paris next week??

    1067 days ago

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    Does anyone know how if there is any tickets left? or how big the que is?

    1067 days ago

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    I am desperate to go - I only live in Putney but I have only just seen this so will not get there in time for the box office opening! Can anyone get me a ticket and I will pay them when I get there pleaaaaaase! xx

    1067 days ago

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    Unfortunately, my husband and I will not be able to go to this gig tonight due to the 'one ticket' per person policy, as my husband is working today and will not be able to attend the Box Office in time, so that each of us would be able to get a ticket. Also, the gig was advertised at very short notice! Although we live in West Sussex, I was willing to come along to purchase tickets before I noticed the 'one ticket' situation. Very disappointed both my husband and I will not be able to attend this venue, but will be playing a 'MUSE' DVD instead like we do nearly every Friday evening. Have a blast tonight Matt, Dominic & Chris. Will be thinking of you! All you 'MUSE' fans out there who are able to attend, have a fantastic night.

    Kathy Partridge
    1067 days ago

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    Wish I could be there but in Perth, Scotland - Drones album is excellent - all the best lads x

    1067 days ago

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    need someone to go with who's up for it! few beers before the gig nothing major!

    1067 days ago

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