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Las Vegas and San Diego tour update

  04 December 2015


Due to unforeseen logistical and technical challenges with setting up this huge show, moving arena scoreboards in order to play in the round and the difficulty encountered moving the production between back to back shows with long journeys in between, unfortunately we are forced to reschedule the following shows:

December 6, 2015 show in Las Vegas at The Mandalay Bay Events Center has now been rescheduled to January 9, 2016

Tickets for the December 6th show will be valid for January 9th. Fans who wish to receive a refund will need to go through their original point of purchase.

December 16, 2015 show in San Diego at Valley View Casino Center has now been rescheduled to January 7, 2016

Tickets for Dec. 16th show will be honored on new date Jan. 7th. Refunds available at point of purchase.

We sincerely and deeply apologize for any and all inconveniences that our postponement may have caused. While we are keenly aware of the problems of a postponement we are equally certain that when you see the Drones Tour you will agree that it was worth waiting for. We cannot wait to play for you.



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    934 days ago

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    Dear Matt, Chris, and Dominic:

    My wife and I attended the Drones World Tour concerts in Phoenix, San Diego, and Las Vegas. They were the best concerts that we have ever attended (and not just because Muse is our favorite band). Moving the stage from the end of the arena to the center of the arena with the walkways to the smaller stages at the ends of the arena provided a superior and much more intimate experience for the audience. This configuration allows more people to be closer to the stage and to have significantly better sight lines. In addition, the shear curtains with video that were often lowered over the walkways and the hovering spherical drones provided a unique visual experience. I hope that you continue to use the center stage for your future concert tours. Maybe this nonpareil arrangement will inspire other performers to do the same.

    Although the rescheduled concerts were a great impact to many fans, they did not cause us a cost impact or inconvenience. We were dumbfounded that you did not 1) acknowledge the rescheduled dates at the San Diego and Las Vegas concerts and apologize to the fans, especially in Las Vegas with the reschedule having been announced only 2 days before the Las Vegas concert and many fans flying to Las Vegas, and 2) differentiate these concerts by performing additional songs.

    You are missing an opportunity to connect with your fans by not speaking to them during your concerts. For example, we attended the Neil Young concert at the Forum in Inglewood (Los Angeles) in October. His tour was promoting his new album, The Monsanto Years, that protests GMOs, pesticides, corporate greed, and the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. He spoke to the audience about this. In addition, he mentioned that the California legislature recently passed AB 2470 that restricts how seeds can be sold or exchanged giving corporations such as Monsanto an unfair advantage over the farmers. He, members of his band, and support crew distributed packets of assorted vegetable seeds to the audience and dared law enforcement to arrest him. Similarly in the Drones World Tour concerts, you could have spoken to the audience about the concepts that inspired you for the Drones album: dehumanization of modern warfare, warmongering superpowers, and brainwashing. You could have also explained how you decided on the new center staging, and the increased staging difficulties it causes. You could have asked the audience what they thought of it. This personal interaction with the audience will show the audience that you care about them.

    Two of Your Biggest Fans

    942 days ago

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    Hey guys It's a bit disappointing to see you've dropped all songs from Origin of Symmetry from the setlist Please consider adding them back please.

    943 days ago

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    Can't wait till y'all come to the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville because I love your music

    943 days ago

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    Muse! Thank you so much for your SPECTACULAR performance in Vegas! It was the best time of my life as well as for my family! Still sore from the headbanging and jumping and IT WAS DAMN WORTH IT! Love you so so much<3

    946 days ago

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    Just checking in for Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas tonight. The show is still a go for this evening January 9th, 2016?

    947 days ago

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    PLEASE , play bliss tonight at Mandalay bay. Por favor. Merci. Namaste <3

    948 days ago

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    Can't WAIT to see Muse again! 2x at Staples Center last month then Las Vegas tomorrow! Still so excited as if seeing them for the first time :) <3 <3 <3

    948 days ago

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    my first ever muse concert and I literally was screaming so loud that I lost my voice... I also got whiplash lmao.. I was also lucky enough to see Tom Kirk which was amazing. Thank you for making my dreams become a reality. I will always love muse. Muse is my handler<3333333

    949 days ago

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    Thanks for this amazing show MUSE..definitely a great job on stage.. I hope see u again on the next tour.

    949 days ago

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    949 days ago

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    TODAY IS THE DAY! I am soooooo HAPPY! :D I really hope you guys can play a special song for us today due to the postponement! Everyone in San Diego would really appreciate it. Cheers guys! See you later tonight!

    950 days ago

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    It's almost here...again! Lol. Can't wait for Vegas...we leave from Canada Friday morning. Please, please play Bliss! Xo :)

    950 days ago

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    Please you gotta play Plug in Baby, New Born, Bliss, Feeling Good in Las Vegas; I was one of the disappointed fans who traveled all the way from Mexico City, I couldn't change any of my reservations on such short notice, I asked for a refund of my ticket because I didn't intend to return to Vegas for the rescheduled show because I already spent so much money on that first trip, but now (thanks to fate) I have the opportunity to return to Vegas and enjoy another amazing Muse show, I've seen Muse live 7 times in Mexico, so I must be crazy or I'm a huge fan and I'm so excited to see you guys next Saturday, so please please play Plug in Baby... you also have to give us something extra, I think we fans deserve it.

    952 days ago

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    I wonder how Muse will apologize to their fans at the San Diego and Las Vegas concerts this week. I believe that they should perform additional songs such as all 8 of the rotating songs from the Drones tour (Hysteria, Plug In Baby, Feeling Good, Apocalypse Please, Bliss, United States of Eurasia, Citizen Erased, Resistance) instead of just 3 of them. I was surprised that Defector has not been performed after the JFK recording. This song could be also be added although they have not been rehearsing it for the Drones Tour. Maybe they could also perform a song that they have never done in a concert such as I Belong To You / Mon Cœur S'ouvre À Ta Voix.

    952 days ago

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