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    yeah, disappointing sound, especially in a Sony 4k cinema with proper Dolby. would love a 4k blu ray version..

    91 days ago

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    The sound was bad in all cinemas we got excuses and free tickets, i enjoyed it anyway!!

    91 days ago

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    I saw MUSE in their Drones tour in Los Angeles and the movie definitely had a lot that I wasn't able to catch in person but the movie had a number of things about it that could've been done so much better to give the awesome feeling of hearing and watching live. It was like an extended music video. I really like the film from Wembley Stadium. A mix of styles of directing from the two would've been amazing.

    94 days ago

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    Muse is my preferred group. It does not mean I accept everything.
    I have seen this movie in the cinema in France with a friend. We have been disapointed by a few things on duration and quality of image;
    Firstly because we love you we found the film very short: less than 2 hours. Believe me, all the people in the cinema where shocked and expected more.
    Secondly because the image was bad and uncomfortable. There is on the market many televisions in 4K, we have camera with better lenses and resolution also. We are paying a ticket to go a movie on a big screen to see nice films. And we get a poor image. All the movie is made with a filter which affects strongly the edges and textures and the image looked like a low resolution or compressed picture, which are numerous on youtube. Moreover the mixing of the images was also annoying : the scenes were changing too quickly, there were boring effects like a blur while focusing. Another boring effect was like we had lost the satelite reception: offseted lines. All those effects all the film long! Almost no variation.
    You have a fans' community. I am sure some of them would be happy to do it for free, and surely better. Please don't pay the studio who did that and transfer my claim if you want.

    94 days ago

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    Hi everyone! I went to see the show in Lille, at Kinepolis. The sound was terrible, so that we decide to complain: too loud, too many treble, impossible to here correctly the guitar, no sound of the battery. The cinema answered to me that it was the band's willing and that they cannot do anything about the sound. Do ereryone had the same experience than us? I am quite disappointed and am wondering if I should keep complaining or not? .

    94 days ago

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    It was absolutely amazing! The concert film, and the vibe in the theater. Made me appreciate the band even more. Would love to see it become available for purchase to watch again.

    95 days ago

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    It was awesome...saw the band 3 times during the Drones tour and this captured their raw energy. Any chance it will be available as a DVD in the near future?

    96 days ago

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    bravo bravo bravo...spectacular...from Tenerife Canary Islands..

    96 days ago

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    Sound disappointing in Vue Cinema Grants Croydon why was Plug in Baby left out. No Citizen Erased or Stockholm Syndrome. Enjoyed film especially Matt playing piano in the Globalist. He is just awesome in everything he does, Guitar, singing and Piano.

    96 days ago

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    Saw the show in San Diego at Valley View Casino with a buddy, so wanted the wife to see it last night. Film itself was great, sound was just so-so. Bummed that they didn't add Animals and especially Plug in Baby. And that bit after the credits was just WRONG.... major tease!

    96 days ago

  11. Report

    I have to say, I loved the film but the sound was terrible. Muse are loud and this production was very treble orientated. There wasn't enough bass and drums, but I could hear the audience very well! It wasn't the fully immersive experience I was hoping for. The production let it down. I saw it at the Vue, Exeter and it fell flat at the end, I was also expecting an encore yet there wasn't one. I wondered if the wrong edit had been sent out to the cinemas.

    97 days ago

  12. Report

    The sound in Vue cinema in Cardiff, Stadium Plaza, was atrocious. If this was the fault of the producer of the film and not the cinema, may we have refunds? A lot of money for tickets for sound that was distorted and so loud that I had to use earplugs.

    97 days ago

  13. Report

    I found out about this today. :(...

    97 days ago

  14. Report

    Very impressive to see the show that we watched live in Amsterdam, again in the cinema. But we too have a complain about the sound, it was disturbing. Our cinema (VUE) told us there was apparently a wrong mix by the producer. We hope it will be better next time.

    97 days ago

  15. Report

    We watched the Drones show live in Toronto and yesterday we watched it together again - the whole family: my wife, son and 10 year old daughter (was she the youngest fan in Oakville Cineplex?). It's always great to see Muse - the best band live, even if it's only on the cinema screen. Visually I was not surprised (after fantastic blue-ray Live at Rome it's hard to come out with something better -maybe if it was in 3D?). I have to complain about the sound though- maybe it was just the cinema issue, but maybe not. Although the bass and guitar were perfect - you could hear every note they played, the drums were barely there. I'm an amateur drummer and I admire Dom's playing, but there were many moments on the movie where I could see him drumming, but I couldn't hear it! It was so disappointing! I hope it will come out on blue-ray and the sound will be better. We can't wait for the new single and album!

    97 days ago

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