Select Date Animals Video Competition

  11 March 2013


Following a huge number of brilliant entries into our competition with to make the official video for Animals, we've narrowed it down to our favourite five videos which we're going to share with you this week.

Stay tuned to the band's Facebook and Twitter to see the links to the top 5 (in no particular order). We'll be posting one a day and then at the end of the week you'll be able to give us your views via a Facebook voting application.

The band will then pick the final winner next week.

Video number 1: by bikter.kero from Spain.

Video number :2 by Oneness Team from Portugal.

Video number 3: by pARTs from Poland.

Video number 4: by Franck koné from France.



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  1. Report

    Proetho, Thank you), I'm a little upset about it.. I think finalists video more professionally made

    1950 days ago

  2. Report

    bad thing I don't have facebook because I'd love to vote for the first video

    1950 days ago

  3. Report I cant understand why this one isn´t considered as one of the finals.

    1951 days ago

  4. Report

    Hope #2 the animated one wins unfortunately I was one day late in voting ;( when I go to the fb page it says it cannot locate I am assuming it's bc it's closed Good Job Portugal hoping u win!! !!!!

    1951 days ago

  5. Report


    1951 days ago

  6. Report

    Mon choix est fait. Ce sera la vidéo n°2.
    Une mention spéciale à la vidéo 1 qui me plaisait beaucoup aussi. Par contre, la vidéo 4 était, de mon point de vue, hors sujet...

    1952 days ago

  7. Report

    2 or 3! 4 was really strange. I don't picture dancing when I listen to Animals.. but thats just me. :) All great works!

    1953 days ago

  8. Report

    The way the camera moved in number 4 actually made me feel dizzy!

    1953 days ago

  9. Report

    All of the videos are great, but I'll go with number 2. There is something special about it, it really gives you the right "emotions" and it is relevant to the lyrics.

    1953 days ago

  10. Report

    1953 days ago

  11. Report

    I don't like the 4th video (even if I'm French :) ). No relevant, even if Paris is great. Animals is one of the rare song which has a clear meaning, so I prefer videos 1 and 2, really relevant

    1953 days ago

  12. Report

    Something about the third video reminds me of the Muscle Museum video...maybe it's the exaggerated facial expressions.

    1954 days ago

  13. Report

    I like video #3 a lot. It's dark and fits the song well, and yes the 4th video has good dancing but it's just really unrelated and doesn't capture the mood of the song at all.

    1954 days ago

  14. Report

    I agree with everyone here, I feel no.4 is unrelated to the theme of the song. I prefer video 1 or 2

    1954 days ago

  15. Report

    love the danceing in the 4 vid but i kinda dont get it

    1954 days ago

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