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Drones World Tour Film: Get Tickets Now

  03 May 2018


Tickets available now for MUSE: Drones World Tour! The film is a one-night only event, in cinemas worldwide, on Thursday 12 July.

Get tickets here. Fans in Mexico, please click here.

If your cinema says “Coming Soon” please check back as tickets for all theatres should be available today (3 May).




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    1. Report

      Why don't I receive my codes as I have bought the de luxe version on early september ? Can someone answer me ?

      8 days ago

    2. Report

      Have tickets and can’t wait..the trailer looks amazing and if it’s anything like the Roma show it’s gonna blow our minds baby!! #drones

      110 days ago

    3. Report

      why isn't the link for tickets working please?

      158 days ago

    4. Report

      Hope to see it finally

      164 days ago

    5. Report

      I have my ticket for Paris la géode, I am so happy, christiane

      164 days ago

    6. Report

      Somebody needs to do something about all the spam going on in the comments on this site. It's depressing.

      164 days ago

    7. Report

      It says the film is showing at Showcase Nantgarw but when I clicked on the time to buy tickets there it brought up a list of Showcase Cinemas and Nantgarw wasn't one of them. I've bought tickets for Vue, Cardiff which is actually closer to home but wanted to alert you.

      166 days ago

    8. Report

      Yay, have two tickets booked for Pavilions Teignmouth :-) Looking forward to it. Next best thing to seeing you live again xx

      166 days ago

    9. Report

      What Cinema are all the Melbourne fans going to? I want to make sure I am at the one that is packed full of Muse fans.

      166 days ago

    10. Report

      How will this be different compared to attending one of their concerts?

      166 days ago

    11. Report

      trying to purchase them, but I can't purchase them in Miami

      166 days ago

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