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Back In Black

  22 November 2017


Back In Black, performed by Brian Johnson and Muse at Reading Festival, 2017

In memory of Malcolm Young, rhythm guitarist for AC/DC and co-writer of Back In Black, one of the greatest rock songs of all time. Rest in peace.



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      That video brings a big smile to my face :)

      163 days ago

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      Absolute classics, need to be in every rockers collection. Personally, I heard ACDC back in about 1980, when my bigger brothers played it on our mono cassette player. I hated it! It was way too noisy.

      Fortunately my taste improved fast, and ACDC and Van Halen was heard alot during my preteens :)

      163 days ago

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      Reading all the spam comments makes me think admin must be on holiday :/

      Miss Minkey
      221 days ago

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      Damn, he will be missed :-/

      263 days ago

    5. Report

      Thanks Malcolm for your contribution to amazing rock music, RIP

      266 days ago

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      I love this, it's just perfect. Rip Malcom, you're still in our heart <3

      266 days ago

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      Amazing, love the hug in the end!

      267 days ago

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