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    @Leon96, have you heard the whole track?

    2195 days ago

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    @ryan26 Muse is a band who make experiments with music-styles! And it´s only ONE song with dubstep in the whole album and i think the song is great :) !!

    2198 days ago

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    I love Unsustainable!

    2198 days ago

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    Guys plz don't do dubstep it sucks matt u are one of the best guitar players ever don't replace that with a shity mac book and skrillex sucks all he does is press a button don't start dubstep no one like it u will lose so many fans

    2198 days ago

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    Awesome!!! Can't wait!

    2212 days ago

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    Awesome!!! Can't wait!

    2212 days ago

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    When I few weeks ago heard it first time I wasn't really convinced to this trailer, but now I can't wait for the great, new album! It'll be awesome!

    2213 days ago

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    BEST shit ever! CANT WAIT to listen!!!

    2213 days ago

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    I think it's fantastic!! Can't wait until it is released. Another miracle done.

    Barbie Wells
    2217 days ago

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    Et ben heureusement que Skrillex est là sinon ils ne seraient pas sur quoi copier !!!!! DSL mais Muse c devenu du pur commercial en bref de la merde !!! Vivement qu'ils reviennent à leur début !!!!

    2234 days ago

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    This trailer just shows that Muse is adaptable and is not just stuck to doing one thing. They are experimenting to see if it sells well or not.

    2237 days ago

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    Don't worry guys don't hate. I actually love the song. The more of it you listen to the better it gets. But i understand those of you that do not like this 'dubstep'. In fact, the rest of the album is classic Muse; no dubstep.

    2237 days ago

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    Don't get me wrong... I admire Muse for always trying something new... But the Robot looks like from a Video of Radiohead... Looking forward to Muse coming to Germany =) Can't wait for the 2nd law.... !!!!!!

    2238 days ago

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    Not "hating" but I prefer muse without dubstep I fell in love with their music before debstep became popular among the youth- I don't want their music changing by including dubstep.

    2238 days ago

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    I don't like how everyone is hating on muse for the dubstep and saying they should go back to their old sound. The great thing about muse is that they evolve each album and don't stay the same

    2238 days ago

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