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V Festival // Stafford


Phwoar indeed
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: V Festival // Stafford
Gig: V Festival, Weston Park, Weston under Lizard, UK
Location: Stafford, United Kingdom


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      2549 days ago

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      Hmm, I wonder who this could be directed to? xD

      2918 days ago

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      Then, PHWOAR... !!!

      2969 days ago

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      im so confuzzled

      3057 days ago

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      'Phwoar' is exactly what my friends said when I showed them that picture-I think it's in Plug In Baby (possibly)-where Matt's all emo and kind of zombiefied. It is a gorgeous picture (aren't they all though?)

      Deluded Citizen
      3068 days ago

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      "phwoar" means "hot", as in "sexy." I hope that helps!

      3077 days ago

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      What does "PHWOAR" mean?

      Megs L
      3077 days ago

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      being a rockstar with so much support behind them must rock! and 'PHWOAR' is right!!!

      3106 days ago

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      Hahahaha that is so good!! Fans are the best =)

      3146 days ago

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      ROFL! Sexy Flag ;)

      3194 days ago

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      Genius :D gotta love the fans ^^

      darkshines 42
      3284 days ago

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      lol that's brilliant.... i was their on the front row, how did i not see that banner?!

      Sheriff Baron Klaus Rottingham
      3295 days ago