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Twitter Pictures // In The Studio


Twitter Pictures - Studio Session for 'Album 6'
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Twitter Pictures // In The Studio


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    What I'm trying to say is.

    24 days ago

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    Conductor: So it goes....three blind mice......

    1465 days ago

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    Matt looks so sleepy, cute, sweet and confused about these sheets :P

    1816 days ago

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    oww!! the Matt's face is very sweet !!!

    1829 days ago

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    Matt's like: Oh wow, so many black squiggles, did I really write that?!

    1981 days ago

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    matt u are the sexiest guy on earth!! :D

    2070 days ago

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    Hey Matt..would be awesome if we could get a hold of these sheets! ;) I'm not that epic at transcribing a full score. I know its good practice and anyone could get there eventually. After all I've been transcribing a lot jazz for uni. Still I'm hopless and it would make my life easier!! haha oh well.. you continue to inspire me no matter what! Come to Australia soon? Love you Muse x

    2074 days ago

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    Oh, I'd like to have these sheets!

    2082 days ago

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    Matt is so beautiful :D *drool*

    2088 days ago

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    Wake up Matt! Lol you're so cuuute! I love you <3

    2108 days ago

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    Matt is half asleep !! Oh matt you're so cute :) I love you <3

    2170 days ago

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    matt kamu capek ya

    safa alea
    2178 days ago

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    matt you look so tired... :D

    2191 days ago

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    he looks full of tired

    2228 days ago

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    Joanacatarina : for your information, ... this is NOT Kate next to Matt on this picture ... HAHAHA ! No hard feelings : I love Matt too, I just want him to be content and give us the only thing hé can give to us all : MUSIC ! An that, already, is

    2243 days ago