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Twitpics 9 // On tour in the US


by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Twitpics 9 // On tour in the US
Location: Vancouver, Canada


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    This is Dom accepting the award from most frightened person on the bridge.

    path integral
    1134 days ago

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    Omg I walked that bridge when I was in Vancouver; it was awesome!

    1880 days ago

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    It looks like Dom is scared. I would be too.

    1892 days ago

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    Tom: It's all right I've got you! Dom: I was all right before you grabbed me!!! Please let go I'll be fine!!!

    1937 days ago

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    Dom' : Ouooohh :o ♥

    1937 days ago

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    doms brave i would never be able to do that !!! XXXXX

    2030 days ago

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    No Doms brave :) ;)

    2389 days ago

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    Roll up the rim started again just today. Come baaaaack!

    2428 days ago

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    tom: im gonna push you off this bridge dom, is that okay? dom: okay go on try me, big guy!! tom:okay then(pushing dom into bridge side dom:no, no dont!!!!!

    2437 days ago

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    Tom: Don't be scared Dom I'm with you! Dom: I'm not scared at all!!! Tom: Ok...then I take my hand off your shoulder and you walk alone... Dom: No, no, no!!! Ok maybe I'm a bit scared... hahaha I'm only joking Dom!!! ; ) Love you

    2483 days ago

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    Are you afraid dom? cause it looks like :P

    Jessyca Maria
    2557 days ago

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    Be careful Dom!! O.o it looks like that guy is gonna push you off!! LOL :D tt won't happen

    Museianist <3
    2557 days ago

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    WOW thats a long bridge!! They r so brave to be there :)

    Museianist <3
    2611 days ago

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    Dom : don't let me go Tooooom I'm gonna die!!!!

    2613 days ago

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    Dom looks a bit woozy! :)

    2613 days ago