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Twitpics 9 // On tour in the US


by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Twitpics 9 // On tour in the US
Location: Vancouver, Canada


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      This picture makes me think of miserable hours of mundane production conversation and also the drum set destroyed in the last afterparty I was at. It makes me very sad; I will not be adding it to my encyclopedic collection of Muse photographs that I have plastered all around my brothers guest-bedroom.

      path integral
      1045 days ago

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      I agree with Totallycrazydevilgenius

      Mais tu reste mignon quand même :3

      2012 days ago

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      Lol I agree below

      2300 days ago

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      Chris look says: What the fuck are you looking at?!

      2394 days ago

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      Butch Vig can do no wrong!

      2539 days ago

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      Thats the same bass guitar im getting!!! Bass guitar is the best instrument eeevvveeeerrr!!!!!!!!!!!

      Megghan Bellamy
      2623 days ago