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Twitpics 2 // Teignmouth, Paris, Berlin & NYC


by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Twitpics 2 // Teignmouth, Paris, Berlin & NYC
Location: New York City, United States


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    I want one of them too!!!

    1815 days ago

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    I love you Chris <3

    Adri Belldom
    2039 days ago

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    I don't blame Chris; those pretzles look good! Yum!

    2053 days ago

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    Pretzels come from Germany and Alsace (France). Muse havent't played in Alsace since 2003 (Strasbourg Le Rhenus). We're still waiting so if you want to play, no problem, we are there ! "Fans from Alsace"

    2332 days ago

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    berlin pretzels are so so nice!

    2687 days ago

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    He's not chubby, HE JUST RIGHT, I love a guy you can get your arms around and snuggle into, Matt & Dom should bulk up a bit I think, you could wrap your arms around them twice!! Guess not a bad idea?? Harder for them to get away!!

    2708 days ago

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    If anybody could help i really need a fan mail address because i have a lot of artwork that i have drawn/painted myself that i want to send them but it can't get lost in the mail or else i would die cause this stuff has taken me years PLEASE HELP!!

    2737 days ago

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    Dude thats lousy don't call him chubby! Hes a god!! :D

    Bassguitar 95
    2742 days ago

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    Chriss and do not eat those things, you're getting chubby

    Princess Starligth Bellamy
    2764 days ago

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    pretzels are from germany, and not from nyc, Chris!! ;DD

    2846 days ago

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    Chris:How much for a large pretzel? Shop owner: 10 bucks Chris: 10 bucks!!!! Shop owner: wait a minute, your Chris from MUSE. I love Muse. Here have all the pretzels. Chris: *sigh* The advantage of being famous

    2861 days ago

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    aaaaaah bretzels !! :D

    2871 days ago

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    Chris : Hehehee , Dude I Gotta Have One Of These :D How Much ??

    2888 days ago

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    greedy guy =3

    2889 days ago

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    i'm hungry..

    2889 days ago