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Stadio Olimpico, Rome, July 2013


Photographer: Hans Peter Van Velthoven
Gallery: Stadio Olimpico, Rome, July 2013
Gig: Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy
Location: Rome, Italy


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      Yes, he uses DW drums and hardware.

      1521 days ago

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      Dom use DW drums, no ?

      1532 days ago

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      just out of curiousity ... what percussion does dom use ... i know his skins are remo and cymbals are zildjian ... but what is the based brand of the toms, snare, and kick ?

      1553 days ago

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      j'adore ta batterie dom, tu me vend une peau!!! lol !!!!!

      1579 days ago

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      I LOVE YOU DOM!!!

      1681 days ago

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      1695 days ago

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      Belated birthday wishes Dom! Sorry it's a day late - our broadband went down and only just come back on tonight. Hope you had a great day down under and Aussie tour going well xxx

      1711 days ago

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      ...sorry, one day too late - but I wish you all the best of the world to your birthday...for the best drummer ever

      1711 days ago

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      Happy birthday Dom! I want you to know, I love you so much! <3
      I hope you'll go in france next year !
      Cheers! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

      1711 days ago

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      HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOMINIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I love you so much <3

      1712 days ago

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      Happy Birthday Dom :) <3

      1712 days ago

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      Dominic, your so.........
      I love you <3

      1722 days ago

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      to Nick-gvritishviii:....I believe this IS a Ventilator... - I was in Rome for the gig and we had in the afternoon at 6. july ca. 37 degree C (98 degree F.) and in the whole evening 29 degree C (84 degree F.).
      It was veryyyyyyy hot (the gig and the temperature and the atmosphere...) unforgettable...

      1755 days ago

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      whats that which looks like a ventilator??????????????????????????

      1755 days ago