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Stade de France, Paris June '10


Photographer: Danny North
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Stade de France, Paris June '10
Gig: Stade de France, Paris, France
Location: Paris, France


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    Juste un pur concert !

    2235 days ago

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    This man is a model ... We love you Matthew .

    2664 days ago

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    Dear Muse, we very love you and want very much to hearing from you zhivuyu.My know that you have already scheduled concerts in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in Kiev, but we live very far from Moscow (Peter and Kiev) in Siberia and we would like You prop

    2674 days ago

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    "un beau gars" ?! c' est tout ?! C' est la magnificence supreme incarnée ouais !!! I LOVE YOU FOREVER MATT !!! <3

    2721 days ago

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    You are everytnhig to me!!

    Mie Bellamy
    2739 days ago

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    I love you Mathew!!!

    Mie Bellamy
    2739 days ago

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    Matthew Bellamy , c'est vraiment un beau gas .. ?

    2746 days ago

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    Beautiful !!!!! How beautiful you are !!!!!! You glitter like a star !!!!! KISSES .......

    anna sanzogni
    2770 days ago

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    The thing he steps on is a thing used to record sounds, then he can put those recorded sounds in background as background voices and stuff :D

    2801 days ago

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    I was here :D Muse, it was amazing :D <3

    2844 days ago

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    i love this pants :)

    2873 days ago

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    he has a miny mohican!

    2883 days ago

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    Matt only on tiptoe!!!

    2883 days ago

  14. Report


    2883 days ago

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    :D Matt

    ? paunini howard bellamy wolztenholme ?
    2883 days ago