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San Diego - Sacremento - L.A


Dead Star
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: San Diego - Sacremento - L.A


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      Dead Star is a great song ,it expresses very powerful emotions, and it reminds me of a ex boyfreind of mine.

      2618 days ago

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      dead start is beast

      3090 days ago

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      my sister said me today: "i thought that we had all the albums from Muse."i said:"well we dont have Hullabaloo yet but i have to get it.x)"

      3117 days ago

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      then i heard words 'crying shame'.I had never heard it before but i recognised it^^

      3117 days ago

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      yesterday i watched xtra factor (extras about finland's x factor.btw, they play much muse on the backround^^)and i was listening to the music on the backround.i was like:"where have i heard these instruments before?isn't that singer's voice familiar?

      3117 days ago