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Salt Lake to Vegas


A new name
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Salt Lake to Vegas


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      Celine Dion Sucks!!! Muse Rocks!!! Yeah!!!!

      2335 days ago

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      fucking dion,you bitch you thought you could fuck their name but they won ahahahah you're the best band ever been

      2765 days ago

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      HAHA! that is so freakin' funny!! i was shocked when i heard that she wanted to use the muse name no matter what! but i don't think it was her personnaly, just her crew and all, so it wasn't celine dion herself, but the people that work for her...

      3030 days ago

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      I agree... How did Matt put it? "I think her music is just offensive"

      Megs L
      3262 days ago

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      Haha lol she shouldn't try to recreate any name of yours, Muse > Celine Dion, way much!

      3263 days ago