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Rock Am Ring // Lisbon


Plug In Dom- Lisbon
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Rock Am Ring // Lisbon
Gig: Superbock Superrock, Parque do Tejo, Lisbon, Portugal
Location: Lisbon, Portugal


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      @carolina_muse: Its "Come on"

      2526 days ago

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      OMFG !!I I clicked in the photo and TADAN!!! It's in Lisbon ! BTW: What about OPORTO instead of Lisbon? Please MUSE COME TO OPORTO!! So camon!! :p

      2768 days ago

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      that back.... <3__<3

      2913 days ago

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      Epic show... i saw Matt jump over the drums at the end, right in front of me! It was amazing! Love Muse since this!

      2954 days ago

    5. Report

      I wish I had a chance to photograph drummers from behind. It makes for good shots. Someday, perhaps I'll have full stage access, though I feel kind of like I'm invading some personal space doing it.

      3066 days ago