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Recording Album 6


Photographer: Tom Kirk
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Recording Album 6
Location: Los Angeles, United States


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    MUSE, guys, we fans hope that you are well. We miss you so. Please, send us again a sign of life from you.
    We all hope for a new album - maybe you have a few photos of the recordings for us???...
    We are delighted and wish you, Chris, Dom and Matt the very best.

    1482 days ago

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    J'adore cette photo de vous, pensifs...
    DOM! you'r hair is so....... Beautiful!!!
    I love you.........<3........

    1841 days ago

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    Soo cute when they are serious ^^ ♥

    1854 days ago

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    une image sérieuse du groupe

    1911 days ago

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    hi hi...j'ai les même lunettes que dom...

    1938 days ago

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    1972 days ago

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    très belle photo quand vous êtes inspiré magnifique j'aime!

    1991 days ago

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    Your songs are perfect, you're perfect !! <3

    1992 days ago

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    Chwis:"Ok, i don't want you two adore me, just don't ignore me" :D

    2036 days ago

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    2069 days ago

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    GUITARIST: What was that?
    WANNABE SUPERMAN CURL: Hmmm, did he notice?
    SUNGLASSES: (Don't look at them, you don't know them.)

    2083 days ago

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    i'm so curious

    kaka butet bellamy lubiiis
    2099 days ago

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    Now it's the official release date I don't feel guilty about listening to the album stream for the first time. Oh wow, you guys have blown my mind already and I'm only on Panic Station. Well done boys, you should be proud of yourselves.

    2121 days ago

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    1st October!!!!!!! The Day D has come. This is our DAY. The 2nd Law coming let's celebrate. I hope that every one of us are happy now because the best muse's album today coming. WE LOVE YOU GUYS. CHEERS!!!
    Signed: All your fans.

    MK Ultra Michaela
    2121 days ago

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    have found the exact point of making music

    2125 days ago