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Press Shots


by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Press Shots


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    Io amo quella giacca di Dom! È ancora più figo!

    1804 days ago

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    This is just a passing thought, but do they do you think lots of people in the music industy look similar, like maybe from the same families at some point... and in the filming industry for that matter

    Ghost of Cydonia
    2408 days ago

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    Ahh... one of matts proudest moments :D

    Museianist <3
    2554 days ago

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    ah..... this was the very first picture i saw from muse listening to knights of cydonia at

    2564 days ago

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    Ahh Chris looks so serious... I LUV IT :D They all look so awesomeeee <3<3 :)))

    Museianist <3
    2567 days ago

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    Chris is dressed up like Sherlock Holmes.

    2700 days ago

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    Expensive and favourite MUSE, we invite you to act in capital of Siberia Novosibirsk since many of us couldn't arrive to Moscow (Peter).Wait you with impatience Your fans of Siberia

    2721 days ago

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    Thats one hot shot! LOL <3<3<3<3

    2787 days ago

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    Dejavu Beatles! MUSE is where the Beatles might have gone had they kept going!

    2831 days ago

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    You 3 look like you're ready to take on the world with your awesome music! Oh already did! :)

    2851 days ago

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    the looks so hooooooot<333

    2913 days ago

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    esa imajen esta muy bien un lugar como historico y un toque de urbano y ustedes genial

    2918 days ago

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    looks sexy !!

    2946 days ago

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    They look so good in this photo.

    Julia Clark
    2950 days ago

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    they looks kickass!!

    2963 days ago