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Portland by Night


Nearly home
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Portland by Night
Gig: Bossanova, Portland, OR, USA
Location: Portland, United States


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      i agree

      1117 days ago

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      if ur the doctor can i be ur companion? i love dr who and muse : its an amazing combo!

      2786 days ago

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      Nearly home...via Tardis. I wanna go!

      2871 days ago

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      Strike that. Mat IS the Doctor, and Dom is Rose. Chris can be Mickey.

      2887 days ago

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      Definitely the MUSE model TARDIS.

      2887 days ago

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      Duh this is obviously matts time machine/teleportation device! how do you think they get to all their gigs? psh

      2979 days ago

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      Dude, these things are everywhere downtown. Except they're bright shiny red. And I live in Texas!

      3004 days ago

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      it looks like someone just got dumped by their girlfriend...:( poor guy...

      Avril-NOT lavigne
      3025 days ago

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      3082 days ago

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      3093 days ago

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      Im on the Doctors side this time! Don't take his Tardis! He still needs to save the world from the Daleks the ,Cybermen and the Master about 3 more times.

      3181 days ago

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      I knew muse were going to get their hands on the tardis ( the doctor is tied up at this moment). they jumped the doctor and knocked him out so they could use it for their next video XD.

      3207 days ago

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      tardis #4, it's last form before it broke :P

      darkshines 42
      3284 days ago

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      Doctor Who's asleep... :p

      Marginal Liaison
      3289 days ago