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New York September '09


by MuseAdmin
Gallery: New York September '09
Gig: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, USA
Location: New York City, United States


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    hi hi, j'adore ton parapluie!!!!!!!!!!
    mais c'est quand même mieu si tu te met dessou
    tu crois pas?
    en tout cas t'es juste trop trop beau!!!!!

    1958 days ago

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    Un parapluie sert à se protéger de la pluie. Mais si tu te mets pas en-dessous, ça marche pas ! XD
    T'a une bouille super mignonne là :3

    2030 days ago

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    I would like to be beneath Dom's leafy canopy!!!!

    2278 days ago

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    Nice umbrella :) lol.

    2585 days ago

  5. Report

    Hahahahaha! Cute umbrella, Dom ;)

    2615 days ago

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    Ok... I totally love this one. =) Nice smile (and ok... umbrella too =))

    2697 days ago

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    OK i'm not gonna lie but that looks pretty gay

    2763 days ago

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    Surely he must realise that he is barely under the umbrella, thus defeating the whole purpose of having one...? 'Singing in the rain' anybody?

    Pip 6873
    2806 days ago

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    BEAUTIFUL UMBRELLA................AND DOM!!!!! :DD

    ?[MeL] Macintosh [SaLya]?
    2829 days ago

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    Dom, where you took this umbrella?

    aMUSEd girl
    2833 days ago

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    Award Winning Smile.

    2857 days ago

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    my grandma has an umbrella very similar!!! LOL

    2866 days ago

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    sorry,but...?????? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ? ???? ???????? ? ??-?? ?????? ??? ??? ?????!

    I am)))
    2892 days ago

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    DOM? You are so Cuuute ?

    2906 days ago

  15. Report

    thats soo cute and hot at the same timeeee. ? i love youuu!

    2915 days ago