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New York September '09


by MuseAdmin
Gallery: New York September '09
Location: New York City, United States


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    My love Matt, I wanna see you again, love you so, so, so, so, so much, baby I miss you, I can only think of your beautiful face and your sweet personality, my darling. Hope to meet you one day. Love you Matthew James Bellamy <3 <3 <3 <3

    1816 days ago

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    i agree.. he looks extra cute with it!

    2592 days ago

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    i like that shirt... he should wear it more often!!

    2592 days ago

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    LUV U MATT! :) XO

    2666 days ago

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    ************* S. VALENTINE ************** Endlessly....... Hopelessly ....... I can only dream of you .............

    anna sanzogni
    2717 days ago

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    MATT <3

    muse#1fan in the world
    2718 days ago

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    I miss Matt! When will you grace NJ w/your awesome presence again? XO

    2720 days ago

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    If anybody could help i really need a fan mail address because i have a lot of artwork that i have drawn/painted myself that i want to send them but it can't get lost in the mail or else i would die cause this stuff has taken me years PLEASE HELP!!

    2739 days ago

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    I like his outfit, i think it looks good on him. (after a second glance) nope the pants have stripes, nope, it just isn't good anymore

    2739 days ago

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    @MuseMyself no he shouldn't if they wear like everybody then he should go to jail

    2841 days ago

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    matt and dom and chris = best dressed!!

    2889 days ago

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    Who is his fashion designer? He should go to jail!!

    2893 days ago

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    He's not short but he's not tall either. He's average height. Chris just makes him and Dom look like hobbits.

    2901 days ago

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    Nice shirt... Matt is more serious than Dom, from the pictures !

    2904 days ago

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    Mattlicous <3

    2913 days ago