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Neutron Star Collision Video Shoot


by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Neutron Star Collision Video Shoot
Location: Los Angeles, United States


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    @copperbuddy Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) was for Eclipse. Supmassive Black Hole was the one in twilight.

    2253 days ago

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    Beautiful <3

    2253 days ago

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    soooo cool lol :)

    2687 days ago

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    Je kiff cette tof!!!! <3

    2704 days ago

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    hehe meh first heard muse through guitar hero not twilight, i is guitar hero nerd ? ? ? Muse yay! :)

    2811 days ago

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    Love this pic.

    2822 days ago

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    Twilight band or not, Muse is amazing. ?

    2830 days ago

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    the wrong with twlight is the fame. because they, now Muse is the "Twilight band"! AND FOR THE REAL FAN, MUSE IS NOT THE "Twilight band".

    Paola Dargoni
    2837 days ago

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    Why do people don't like Twilight ? It's an amzing book and a beautiful film. And the author is a Muse's fan. What's wrong with that ? I'm just desapointed because the song is too little in the 3rd film.

    2859 days ago

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    I agree with Assassin999. This song is too perfect for Twilight

    2906 days ago

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    nice view of Dom's butt. :P and his drum kit :P mmm-hmmm :D and where is Matt?

    2913 days ago

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    why oh why make songs and let twilight use them

    2928 days ago

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    This song is perfect. Eclips didn't deserve it.

    2937 days ago

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    @musepup I totally agree with you. U can love Muse and other things too, like twilight, and if u like it, what's wrong with it?? nothing!! :D

    2937 days ago

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    I discovred MUSE through Twilight and now I love loads of song by MUSE now like Starlight, Uprising Unintended, Undisclosed Desires, Hysteria, Newborn...etc you get it. so Twilight isn't bad for me, although I don't like them using such a good band.

    2941 days ago