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Live 8 - France - July 2nd // 1st set


All eyes are on er craaaaaaaig david
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Live 8 - France - July 2nd // 1st set
Gig: Live 8, Palais de Versailles, Paris, France
Location: Paris, France


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      nah, the photo was taken so we can have a look at Chris' perfect carnation! ;-)

      2778 days ago

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      mwhahah, you're in heaven :D:D so sad, but I have only one 1. fave, and it's MUSE :D:D

      2811 days ago

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      robert smith <3 <3 :D

      2811 days ago

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      holy crap! they saw THE CURE how AWESOME!!!!! :O :O :O !!!! MUSE AND THE CURE ARE MY TWO TOP FAVE BANDS - i couldnt decide between thenm so they're both my no.1 fave - and they're in the same picture!!! im in heaven!!!

      2811 days ago

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      Aye, it is the lovely Mr. Smith! This is from his "Curiosa Festival" from 2004. This where I first heard MUSE as God told Rober to bring them to the U.S. so we could be enlightened! (Well, really, it was Roger O'Donnell) :)

      2907 days ago

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      holly shit! wow! I like the Cure, awesome pic!!

      3045 days ago

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      a goth lol, that's Robert yeah I Think !!

      3058 days ago

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      Robert Smith! <3

      3064 days ago

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      That guy at the left a goth...right???

      3201 days ago

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      is the singer of the cure???

      3291 days ago