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Glastonbury Festival 2010


Photographer: Yui Mock
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Glastonbury Festival 2010
Gig: Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, UK
Location: Yeovil, United Kingdom


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    I'd kill to sit there and be paid to take photos of these rock gods

    2423 days ago

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    Is the Edge with Muse!! Wow!!

    2614 days ago

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    Yes!!! Yeah!!!

    2614 days ago

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    The Edge: I am playing a guitar solo! Dom: No, I am playing a drum solo! Matt: Wait how about me?!? Chris: Okay we can all have pur own solo, so can you guys just all SHUT UR MOUTHS?!?!?! :D haha

    Museianist <3
    2621 days ago

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    4 Rock Gods!!!

    2678 days ago

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    Dom: "Drums are better !" The Edge: "No, Guitars are better !" Matt. "BE QUIET !!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    2719 days ago

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    2742 days ago

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    2772 days ago

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    woop woop chris!

    luke lover2.0
    2905 days ago

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    where streets have no name, they're leading us in a circle, around the whole earth, where countries have no boundaries, because people get along as one, as we were made to do, joining music and hearts, that truly care about a world of peace. <3 tah

    2906 days ago

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    We got engaged just after this! Fantastic memories

    2906 days ago

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    wow this looks amazing, whats the awesome Edge doing at awesome Muse??

    2923 days ago

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    @Deluded Citizen again, i feel for Matt. You try to do ur best, to please ur fans, and the other members have just seem to give up, so u hav to work harder to make up for them. DON'T WORRY MATT WE STILL LOVE YOU!!!

    2945 days ago

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    Agree with @Deluded Citizen

    2957 days ago

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    You can see like Matt belting his heart out, Chris paying no attention and Dom and the Edge just having a casual conversation behind...pretty funny actually :)

    Deluded Citizen
    2963 days ago