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Dallas to Houston


They are taking over
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Dallas to Houston
Gig: University of Houston Cullen Auditorium, Houston, TX, USA
Location: Houston, United States


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      @Mrs howard ? I wish lol! :D

      2256 days ago

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      2438 days ago

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      soooooooooooooooooo big!

      2607 days ago

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      haha the light in the top right corner looks like a robot n the ballon is trying to trap Chris inside Dx

      2819 days ago

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      chris likes big balls XD jks

      Mrs howard ? I wish
      2982 days ago

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      @eeestupi they always had them they are in the hullabaloo DVD and loads of other videos on the internet

      3047 days ago

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      UofH is such a random University to choose to play in. Sadly, i was in Houston but at that time i didn't even know they existed! Weird, they even had those confetti balloon things back in the day.

      3103 days ago