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Curiosa Tour - Nashville TN


Rocking Nashville
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Curiosa Tour - Nashville TN
Gig: Starwood Ampitheatre, Nashville, TN, USA
Location: Nashville, United States


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    Can I see footage of this concert?

    1947 days ago

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    Matt rocks the cowboy shirt! Yee-ha!!!

    2446 days ago

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    hahahaha lol!!! shut up of couse shes lucky!!!! like.. every muse fan in ther would want to meet him!!! i wanna do more, but thats me!!! also, i do enjoy the music of MUSE and she is pritty, but matt is beautiful... and kate IS NOT a good actress

    2474 days ago

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    DUDES! how the hell would you know if she knows shes lucky to be with him? you don't know her! mind ur own business and enjoy the music.

    2625 days ago

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    Happy birthday Bellamy!! wishing you all the best and a rocking futur!!

    2625 days ago

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    I think Kate's actually quite humble... I didn't really know who she was before they got together, but I watched one of her films to see and she seems really sweet and pretty. Another thing, is she doesn't seem like a very good actress, which is kind

    2625 days ago

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    anyway we won't change anything, if he gets hurt because of her, if he's happy because of her (which I prefer).... it will be his live can't (and shoulden't) interfer. What doesn't mean that we can't express ourselves about it, of course.

    2641 days ago

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    I like Kate as an actress, but I think Matt's way too good for her! He's very down to earth & she's all glam, can you imagine her living in the country? I think not!

    2750 days ago

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    hey, I'm Matt and I am an eternal sex god

    2910 days ago

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    I dont like the situation of him being with a Hollywood actress. I know an actor and you can't always tell if hes sincere so if I were in the situtation I wouldnt date anyone affiliated with acting. Not to mention Matt deserves better than her.

    2936 days ago

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    @Danni211 I agree completely. Also im not sure how true this is but i read that she broke up one of her previous boyfriends band. And I dont think hes fame hungry and thats why theyre dating but that may be the case for Kate? I don;t know but

    2936 days ago

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    **really interested in her, or the fact that she's famous. Plus she has a kid, that just makes things even more awkward.

    2972 days ago

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    Matt's going to get hurt, i'm not saying oh Matt should be with me, i'm 14, eww. He doesn't deserve to walk in the shadow of a hollywood actress who doesn't even realise how lucky she is to have him. So i think, he really needs to think, is he

    2972 days ago

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    It's not really a Matt-like thing is it? To go for a girl who tried it on with Thom Yorke and when that failed she went striaght for him. I mean i know Gaia hurt him, but this isn't the greatest way to get back at her is it? I say this with love,

    2972 days ago

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    @juliekittel thanks. oh my god, it's unbelievable, ah...

    2972 days ago