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Calgary to Winnipeg Part 1


One of those nights. and with a knife
by MuseAdmin
Gallery: Calgary to Winnipeg Part 1


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    Matt :Where is my banana? *i'm gonna kill him*

    1971 days ago

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    Psycho Matt!XD

    1988 days ago

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    WOW...okay I'm going to do a dialog of them ready? MATT: hey so what's your favorite kind of cheese? DOM:BREE!! MATT: That's a gay cheese! DOM:No it's not. MATT:(pulls out knife like Psycho with crazy face) is!!

    2646 days ago

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    wow matt looks like a scycho!! scary!

    2672 days ago

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    Matt if yu are doing this for bananas I totally understand cause I would do the same.

    2689 days ago

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    matt: itch it!! dom: but i dont really want to....matt: but it really itches(with a whine) dom: fine, is it better? matt: yea (walks away to chris to see if he falls for the same joke)

    2782 days ago

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    very good PwoperLeftyMuser1212

    2789 days ago

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    Matt: I will ask you one more time.... WHERE DID YOU HIDE MY BANANAS!!!

    2790 days ago

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    Hmm...Dom looks like he knows exactly what Matt can do when he has a knife..... Scary(: YELLOW SHIRT!<3

    2809 days ago

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    Dom: Chris!! Matt Has A Knife!! I'm Scared!!:(

    2830 days ago

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    I love that yellow T-shirt ? Poor Dom haha I knew Matt was mad.

    2836 days ago

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    British psycho!

    2860 days ago

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    haha nice captions ppl

    2891 days ago

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    Dom: I said i was sorry Matt.. Matt: its too late for apologies now Dom....Dom: I'M SORRY MATT.. Matt: Nope sorry aint gunna slove it Dom you're gunna get it

    :D Sadie :D
    2911 days ago

  15. Report

    Matt: oh, Dooooom.... Dom: whoa, Matt, put the knife down, you remember what happened last time... Chris: yeah, I still don't have full range of motion in my wrist!!!

    2928 days ago