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Amsterdam ArenA, June 2013


Photographer: Hans Peter Van Velthoven
Gallery: Amsterdam ArenA, June 2013
Gig: Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


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      I feel sorry for that guitar

      1868 days ago

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      fallingawaywithdarkshines5648...thank you very much for your detailed I can try to understand it better...All the best for you - and have a good time

      1883 days ago

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      @oceandreamer They've always smashed stuff. Look up early videos and you will see smashed guitars, Matt jumping in to the drum set, and all of them throwing their instruments in to the sea. Actually, during the Absolution tour, Matt set the world record for the most guitars smashed during a single tour. In fact, in an interview he said one of the reasons he wanted to play guitar was because he saw Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire and decided that an instrument you could destroy would be awesome to play.

      1883 days ago

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      ...can somebody tell my, why Matt's destroying his guitar so often at the end of a gig. In my view this isn't in line with the brilliant music of MUSE ... what will he tell us with this gesture..? Is he angry about his music, his fans??? I don't understand it.

      1892 days ago

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      OH YEAH I forgot about the world record

      1897 days ago

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      Appears that he threw it about 4 times xd I didn't see that until I watched some videos on YouTube

      1900 days ago

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      spacca tutto!!!!

      1901 days ago

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      I hope he knows, instead of smashing his beautiful guitar he can give it to me!!! ;P

      1902 days ago

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      Louloulovemuse : xD PTDR

      Mais c'est toujours la même guitare qu'il lance j'ai l'impression... Est-ce qu'elle est "super guitare incassable" ? Ou le public lui rend quand elle tombe, enfin est rattrapée par les milliers de fans se trouvant devant la scène...?

      That is the question... xD

      1902 days ago

    10. Report we end with a flourish:)

      1903 days ago

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      wow amazing best picture <3 <3 <3

      1903 days ago

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      Go ahead Matt and smash your gear ;)

      1904 days ago